Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Remaking the Karate Kid

So I read today on Barstool Sports that Will Smith is going to remake the Karate Kid and have is like five year old son be the star. I'm sorry but the Karate Kid is a classic and no one, not even Will Smith, should be allowed to try to redo it.

What is up with Hollywood? Have they run out of ideas? I could set a camera up at LBOH camp and make a better movie than the crap they are churning out. Barnes and I have better material on a road trip to Sheridan than the shit that they make. Do you need another comparison? Okay, glad you all asked. Here are some more: Me playing pool on Tuesday's, Eric and I golfing, my four year old nephew riding his mini-bike without training wheels, any girls basketball game, well you get the picture.

Here is a great video. It's called Sweep the Leg. Its frikken awesome. Its seven minutes long but well worth it. It has the original cast members and a great ending. Lets keep it that way Will Smith. Enjoy chefs. And by the way, don't drop a challenge in my dojo. Nuff said.

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