Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday thoughts

I really need a secretary to ride with me when I'm on the road.  Kind of like Van Wilder. "Write that down."  Honestly, my head is going 90 miles an hour when I'm driving.  So here's some stuff.

1) Why did Obama want to be president?  It's a "leadership" position.  He never voted as a state senator or as a US Senator. He is incapable of making a stand. Where I come from the term is "gutless".  I never thought I would wish for Hillary to be our leader.

2) If I saw Harry Reid in a bar or at a restaurant or on the steps of the Capitol Building, I'd challenge him to a boxing match.  They keep talking about how he was a boxer so that makes him a "fighter". All I see is a spineless wimp who would hide behind his wife in a home invasion.

3) I hope the independents remember this moment. How the man they swarmed to is only a man biologically and not in any other sense of the word.  When you make Jimmy Carter look like he had a backbone, you are doing something wrong.

4) My golf game is pretty good this summer and I haven't hit the driving range once.  I guess I'm just now beginning to become the "natural athlete" I always thought I was.  Just in the nick of time. Half way to death.

5) I find myself thinking about that matter more than I should.  My mortality, and that of my friends, tends to make me sad.  I try to be a "glass half full" guy and I have a great life. Still, the thought of this party ending at some time takes the flame off the candle.  I guess its the main reason I go home to see my brother's kids.  They are so full of life and just love "Uncle Chip".  It's enough to know that the next 30 years (or 50 and still golfing) will be fun.

6) Doesn't anyone have a well off sister they can introduce me to? Or a cousin? I feel like I'm trying to start a fire with rocks and there is a perfectly good Zippo close by.

7) Ted Kennedy has come up with as many good ideas to solve the so called budget crisis as Obama. He has an excuse.  And a pretty good one.

8) It's so way, way late but congratulations to Kym on her baby boy Caleb.  I'm sure Pam is the proudest grandmother on the planet. I'm so out of touch. The next thing you know Barry will stop the shuttle program.  Good thing that isn't happening.

9) Speaking of the shuttle.  We stayed up the entire night of my senior prom to watch the first one take off.  That was 30 years ago.  For those of you who haven't been here in a while (and why would you be) go back a couple of posts and check out my speech to my beloved class at our 30th reunion.  Your opinions mean volumes and I think you will get a little more incite to what makes me think how I do. Just sayin.

10) Life is good. My mother will turn 80 this November and is doing great.  She is still just a "heavy load" to be around but then the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree I guess.

11) I turn 50 in February 2013.  Mark it on your calendar and get your country asses out here for the party.  You've had fair warning so no excuses.

12) Everyone reading this just said "50? No shit?! I thought he was 23. 25 tops."  Don't let the immaturatity and bad language fool you. I'm not winning against Father Time. Unfortunately.

13) The best line from the LBOH was JS3.  Skeets says "my daughter thinks that a towel can only be used once and then it has to be washed." JS3 responded "my wife thinks the dryer has to run for 70 minutes every time."  Maybe you had to be there but it was funny stuff.

14) Ralph, I told the story about St. Thomas at the 30th.  Everyone laughed.  Everyone missed you. We are going to Cooperstown next June. No argument from you. You know the terms. To all of you loyal readers, I told Ralph I'm taking him to the Baseball Hall of Fame. It's my treat. It's for his 50th birthday.  Every comment on this post needs to be addressed to him about letting me do this.  You've all read about him. There isn't a person on the planet who will say a bad word about him but he is letting pride in the way.  He is hesitant to let me do this. However, he is (or was) Catholic, so that means he is full of guilt. Tell him to let me do this. That it is what friends do. They give.  How do like that Ralph?  It's you against the blogosphere!! Good luck with that. Don't ever go against the family Ralph.

Safe Journeys,


We miss you Boxer.

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