Friday, July 22, 2011

Kind of random thoughts and some blather

Just some things that crossed my mind with all the windshield time I've been having.

1)  For years conservatives have been saying how Social Security is bankrupt.  Every time a conservative pundit or legislator has made that statement, the left has retorted that SS is fine. It's solvent. It's not bankrupt. It's not full of IOU's.  If that is the case as they claim why are they saying that if the debt ceiling isn't raised, that SS checks will be late or not coming at all?  If SS has it's own money, shouldn't that be least of their worries.  But no.  Now that the government doesn't have enough money, SS checks will be the first thing that doesn't show up. Who's fooling who here and why can't the general public figure this out?

2) The government spends more than they take in and they've been doing that for more than a while now.  Barry complains that "the rich aren't paying their fair share".  Here's my analogy to what he is saying.  I have a job. I'm spending more than I make.  My boss is giving me money but I spend more than he is giving me.  Now I go to my boss and say "I need more money.  You have it. I'm irresponsible but you have it so give it to me so I can continue to spend more than I have." It's the same thing. We don't need to "raise revenue".  I'm sorry but I'm going to go off a little here.  I hate the fucking double speak that these miserable pricks are using.  It infuriates me that they use it. What infuriates me more is that, sorry to quote Bill Maher here but I have to, this country is to fucking stupid.

3) Medicare has a 1/2 trillion dollars in waste. Barry, Harry, and Nancy admitted so much. It's how they plan to fund Obamacare.  If that's true, then how is anyone going to lose any of those benefits if the debt ceiling isn't raised.  It's not a "projected waste". It exists. Couldn't that be cut right now with no loss of benefits?

4) The 1.4 trillion dollar elephant in the room that no one, republican or democrat, is talking about is Obamacare. If we are in such financial turmoil doesn't it make sense to put this on hold until we get our financial house in order? Honestly, I lose more respect for John Boehner every day.

5) Being the president is a tough job. The toughest job on the planet. Why ask, nay beg, people to vote for you if you don't want it?  Like or dislike George W. Bush, he made decisions. Right or wrong he had a plan and tried to implement it.  This waste of skin currently in the Whitehouse is so void of leadership I can't understand why anyone would vote for him again.  If some democrat doesn't have the stones to run against this gutless wonder, I will never respect anyone who votes for him. Ever. That doesn't mean I will dislike anyone who does, they just won't have my respect.

6) On a lighter note. I'm getting a Crown at the reunion before my speech. I'm the only guy who is even remotely dressed up. Like I said earlier, they asked to speak, the least I could do was look my best. Greg S. was the emcee.  I'm ordering my pre-speech Crown (which I didn't finish before I spoke. I finished a lot after. Anywho.) Greg says to me " Are those the clothes you spent $164.00 dollars on?"  I replied "Except for the shirt.  I put it on and it was the wrong size so this is Delmer's."  I went and sat at my table and then it dawned on me. "How did he know how much I spent unless he reads my blog?" He does. I never thought that he might.

7) When Greg introduced me, he was so very gracious and complimentary.  I really, really wish it would have been recorded.  He talked about how they were looking for a speaker and one name kept coming up. He talked about my blog and how they all should read it. He gave me so many fabulous compliments.  I sat in my chair and was so humbled. His introduction made me feel small. Not in a bad way but in a way that just warms you to your core.  It was the best part of the night for me.  Greg, I won't ever forget it and I'll always have coffee at your joint when I'm in town.

8) I'm not a big fate guy but I'm changing.  Two months ago I jumped on Facebook, which is an OK device but I just don't get on it a lot. Anyway I get on FB, click to see who may be on line for a chat.  This name pops up. It's Brent, the younger brother of JR who I graduated with and haven't seen since the 10 year. JR lives in Hawaii. I IM Brent and ask for JR's number. He gives it to me and then is offline. I call JR and after we exchange some bullshit say to him "Get your ass here for the 30th. Fly into Bozeman and I'll take you home with me."  JR books a flight, goes to the reunion. We've been in contact constantly since. I'm heading to Maui in January for 10 days.  My point about fate is this. Brent was online for five minutes. I just happened to be online at the same time. Long enough to get JR's number.  If I'm late by five JR doesn't come home. I don't see this guy who I went to kindergarten with and we don't rekindle our great friendship.

9) About #8. THANK YOU GOD for the 21st century and the technology we have to be in touch without virtually any cost. Even over vast oceans. What a great time to be alive.

10) I am going to have a perfect season for my MSU Bobcats.  Their schedule sets up for me to make it every away game. Of course I'll be at every home game. You are all invited to come to Bozeman and tailgate. You won't be disappointed in the atmosphere, the product on the field or the scenery. As far as the company goes, well, you just have to roll those dice yourselves.  The only road game that is more than a six hour drive is against Portland State and I'll burn a vacation day for that. Your 2011 National Champions, the Montana State University Bobcats!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, and I'll be at every playoff game as well. Thank you Titan Machinery for the means and your great vacation package.

11)  I really don't know if anyone reads this crap anymore and I don't blame you a bit.  I've been less than an crummy blogger. I've been lazy and uncreative. Spending three nights a week on the road with lots to do.  It's a poor excuse and I'll try to do better.

12) So I talked about my classmate Greg. Greg and I hung out a bit in school and we were friends. I've always like him but we were not overly tight. We had our circles and I guess we would drift out and hang together. He loves music as do I and he introduced me to a band that I'll post later. Anyway, I've been talking to my little sister for the last 30 minutes and we were talking about the Phillips County Fair and it reminded me of a story. The Fair came to town like it always does. The new ride this particular year was call "The Zipper". I won't even begin to describe it but it was terrorizing for the time.  Somehow, Greg and I were walking the Midway. There stood The Zipper. "Chip, do you want to go on that?" "Fuck no!" I said.  "I'll go on it if you will" The gauntlet was thrown.  We got in line together. Greg didn't seem at all scared. I was doing my best to control myself from pissing on the spot. We entered the cage. The Zipper began to spin. We laughed at first. And then it began to occillate. That's right about the time we both began to scream.  Not the fun scream of having a good time, but he scream you have when you realize your car has veered off course and is heading over Victoria Falls.  We were scared beyond words and wanted off. The Zipper starts going clockwise, then it pauses and begins going counterclockwise. When it stopped we were both happy. "Oh God its over. Its over. Its over" Then slowly, the horror began again. This time, when you opened your eyes (which I did only once) instead of rushing feet first into the earth, you were going head first. We screamed with fear. When it was over I cursed him for talking me into going on The Zipper. In his fear from the ride, he apologized. It's really not that bad of a ride. I went on it a couple of times after that with a beer I think.

13) Pendleton was on sale tonight so I picked up a jug. It's way to sweet for my liking but a $9 difference between it and Crown is still $9.  These are difficult times we live in.

14) I want a blog summit. I don't care where.  I would like to know when. Just a heads up for planning. Some of you know each other personally (there is only one "n" in that. Thank you new blogger.) But I don't know any of you.  We need a summit for the "Band of Malcontents". Someone get on it. I don't have the energy but if it's planned, I'll be there. If we need a speaker, I'll Kent Hjelmsted. He's not doing anything except pulling his shorts out of his butt crack.

Safe Journeys,


I'm not back, but I'm close. God Bless you all.

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