Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A quick word

Tomorrow I head for home.  JR is flying in from Hawaii and I pick him up at 3:30.  I haven't seen him since our 10 year reunion.  Called him two months ago and told him to get his ass home for the 30th and now he's on his way.

Practiced my presentation about five times tonight.  I just hope it's not a mess.  I like it on my laptop which I will use though it is a little "teleprompterish" for me. Went into Macy's to find a nice "Mustang Blue" colored tie and well, $164 dollars later, I'll be looking good on Saturday.

I'm ALL IN for a blog summit in Malta.  It's me and Pam so far.  Lets make it happen people.!/event.php?eid=144887372207520&view=wall&notif_t=event_wall

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Buzz Kill said...

The only thing better would be Diane Lane as your arm candy. And if a teleprompter is good for the president...

Lay off the Crown until after the speech and you'll do fine.

I don't see me asking the Mrs to go to Montana to meet people I talk to on the internet. I'm not going to call down that kind of thunder.