Monday, May 16, 2011

Time for a parody

Here's a little tune I wrote on my way to Sheridan.  It's for the LBOHers.  It's to the tune of "Galveston" with sincere apologies to Glen Campbell


Delmyspuds oh Delmyspuds
You only take ten pounds of potatahs
Butter and onions and sweet Velveeta
And you gotta where gloves
When you cook Delmyspuds

Delmyspuds oh Delmyspuds
I don't think you're good for my cholesteral
Always double the aluminum foil
Skeets will eat the crisp ones
Cause he loves Delmyspuds

I can smell you cooking by the fire
As Skeets says Jeter's overrated
Just shut up and get my food plated
Another time he's not right, but it's not the first one

Delmyspuds oh Delmyspuds
Slice them thin cause they cook so much better
Always remember you can't use to much butter
But they give Jim the runs
So he can't eat Delmyspuds

MRM 5/13/11


Pam said...

grrrhahahahha. This is too funny. Obviously a tradition at your annual get-together. I actually heard Glen Campbell in my head singing this.

Karl said...

Good morning MRM,

No offense my friend, but don't give up your day job.

Buzz Kill said...

Yeah, listen to Karl - or he'll kill you.

Ralph said...

As a lover of Delmy spuds, I can say your song while somewhat entertaining does not do them justice. A good effort though and thanks for the laugh.

Milk River Madman said...

A great tradition. Delmyspuds are a great treat.

You are officially invited to the LBOH the third week of July. When you see the Delmyspuds and eat them, you'll have more appreciation for the tune.

BK, what I said to Karl. Both of you just hop on a plane, meet me and the guys and you will mark it on your calendar. Camping (in campers no one sleeps on the ground) beer,or your drink of choice, cards, bullshit, golf, and much MUCH reveling by the fire. Get your country ass out here. You and Karl will not regret it. Even if you only make it once. Trust me, The Duke.

Why do you hurt me with your words? It doesn't do them justice? Could this be our long hatred for each other's sports teams coming out? This is a GREAT, I repeat, a GREAT parody. For you to think otherwise reveals your total lack of humor. I cannot measure in human terms my disappointment in your comment. I tear my clothes to you. Yet again. How are things? You never call. I hardly know you anymore. Is life good? I retract my invite to Cooperstown.

Just kidding. I hate with the white hot intesity of a thousand suns. Or maybe not. I did expect more from you. Yet, you disappointed me again. Kind of getting used to it.

HAHAHAHAHAHA Kiss my ass Shorty!

No one will get this exchange except you and me and I'm fine with that.

Charter member of the G and G Bachelor Club. Which you did forsake for Nancy. Just sayin.

Never screw with my on my blog. Words to live by.

Yours in Christ,


Ralph said...

First off, I enjoy hurting you with my words. Its what we do. As far as sports teams go, Alabama is the only team you like that is good enough to be worthy of hatred. As far as the G&G, what can I say. Can you blame me.

P.S. You are too busy working to stay in touch with now that you are mister big wig. Ha Ha.

Aunty Belle said...

sorry fer them caps..

anyhoo, least youse havin' a good time. Is there a fourth sate scheduled??

moi said...

I just wish I knew what Delmyspuds were.

Jenny said...

what Moi said.

Jenny said...

@Buzz - bwahahahahahahah

Milk River Madman said...


Thanks for the salt in my wound. ITS A GREAT parody.