Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PICTURES!! Finally.

So here are some pictures from my last road trip.  Drove from Bozeman to Missoula and then Great Falls on Monday. Then from Great Falls to Helena, Butte and Bozeman.  Here are some photos and a video from that trip.  Don't get your hopes up. I took most of these while driving but did stop and take a few where I could kind of frame a shot.

The view from my front window Sunday morning.

 The Pintler Mountains west of Anaconda, Montana.

 This one is out of place.  This is at Three Forks, Montana about 22 miles west of my house but before the last one.  Three Forks is named for the confluence of the Gallatin, Madison and Jefferson Rivers and is where the Missouri begins. More after the jump.

 Just a shot out of the window the opposite direction from the Pintlers.

 The Clarks Fork River named for William Clark of Lewis and Clark fame.

 More of the Clarks Fork.

 The Blackfoot River, a main tributary to the Clarks Fork.  This and the next two are taken from the same vantage point.




 The ravages of winter.

 Just in front of the last one.

This video, as you will hear, was taken from the same place as the three Blackfoot pictures from earlier.

I have more pictures and will post them tomorrow or Friday.  Enjoy.  I'm having a ball with the new job.  This company still looks great but I'll give a better opinion when I've been with them six months.  It's kind of like dating a hot chick.  She seems really cool early on but we will have to see how it goes. 

I know what you're thinking when you read the "tags" or "labels".  "How did he work Diane Lane in here?"  It's what I do.  After all I am The Duke.


BigSkyFlyGuy said...

'Gonna have to shuck a lot of oysters that day!'....subtle, I like it.

Milk River Madman said...

Well, subtlety is one of my long suits as you well know.

sparringK9 said...

looks like my drive into blue ridge early morning. clouds live in the mountains. I love the shot of the pintler mountains...never heard of them. Keep snapping. so sorry it took me so long to arrive.