Friday, May 6, 2011

MCW "Teen Vixens"

Yeah, I'm late. So what?  You have a problem with that?  I'm a busy man.  So this week's theme is "Favorite Teen Vixen"  I had to do some searching and make this a none Mrs MRM Diane Lane theme and chose the delightfully spectacular and always makes my loins ache Lea Thompson.  Enjoy this clip to the stylings of Donny Iris singing "Ah Leah" I'm not quite back but getting closer. Wait, you asked to have this meme back again for why? Just kidding. Love ya Boxer.


Buzz Kill said...

Lea Thompson is sweet. The clips from Casual Sex (laying on the beach - and with the Dice Man) are excellent. I forgot she made that POS Howard the Duck. They can't be all winners.

Well, better late than never.

moi said...

"Ah Leah" is a great, great song. And, yes, just about every dude of our generation has a thing for Thompson. Good choice.

Glad to see you out and about!

Pam said...

Holy cow, I have never seen this. Just the name of "Howard the Duck" made me not want to watch it. I can't get past her being Michael J Fox's mom on Back to the Future, which we have to watch every (EVERY) time it comes on tv. Hope you are well! How's the job?