Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Far be it from me to criticize

Where the hell is everyone?  What, I get a new job and everyone quits posting?  No one is keeping up with MCW?  What the hell?

I find it hard to believe that this absolute blather was the cornerstone of our blogging community.  Wait. It wasn't. 

In other news, the job is great.  Not only do I like the new company but the people at the other locations have been spectacular.  They have all been recently acquired so we are all going through the same growning pains and everyone in Montana wants to work together.  North Dakota, well, we'll just have to bring them around to our way of thinking.  Lots of good guys there as well, they just think wrong differently.

I've played 90 holes of golf since the second week of April.  Most of them good but some have been very forgetable or however it's spelled.

Not a lot else. Going to see The Prodigy this weekend.  Have something special for him that he will absolutely flip for.  Can't say what it is as he does sometimes reads.  Hardly ever posts for whatever weak reasons he gives to me, but I'm telling you he'll go nuts and if he doesn't post after this weekend, he's banished.  He will ride out of the blogosphere backwords on a horse with his hands tied behind his back and a bucket on his head.  Do you hear me Frodo?


Pam said...

Glad the job is going well. I've fallen off with MCW but hope to catch back up in a week or two. A problem is I can't (or better not) call up Joanna's page at work where I catch up on things during lunch. Then forget about it later. Troll has disappeared again; Boxie has business to take care of; Moi and Chickie are bizzy also. Guess it is just the alignment of the planets ... everyone torn in other directions at the moment. I'm around, just slow at posting. But promise to be better soon.

Buzz Kill said...

Dude, I've been there with the MCW entries. But I have the same problem Pam has in that Joanna's blog is firewalled at the office, so I can only get to it early in the morning or late at night. I use autoschedule so its doable (in other words, you have no excuse).

Glad the job is going well for you. No merger ever goes together seemlessly.

This weekend I'm camping with The Pudge and the boy scouts. And it's suppose to rain. We'll see how that goes.

Jenny said...

come by to see me and you'll see me whining about being a bad blogger. It waxes and wanes that's for sure.

I'm really glad you're enjoying your job and also glad to know you're playing golf and having some fun while the big transition went on.

I have a post for tomorrow! And I hope to be back for MCW next week.

fishy said...

I might be glad to not be Frodo, surprise and all. Delighted to hear your new direction is fine with you.
I have NO IDEA where the bloggers are. I think FleurdeLeo hijacked Haiku Mondays, Troll is having a hiatus from Heff. Again. Too bad for all the rest of us. Boxer has been preparing to travel, traveling or recovering from travels. Aunty has a good story up at the Porches, Pam is busy but surviving, Moi is up snarking about Idol, Chickory has a case of the betweens and I am meh. Karl and Buzz , with a little help from Czar have been manning up in the absence of you slackers. They might be suffering from estrogen exposure. This exceptional week does not mean you are unloved. It does mean you have not missed too much. What was missed? The promised photos from your Big Sky travels !!!!!

Princess said...

Hey Madman,
I haven't been around as much of late either. My little bro (46yo) had a heart attack just before Easter so Iv'e been keeping the wheels of his small business ticking over till he gets the all clear to resume normal transmission.
I hope that it's soon... 'cause I've been busier than a one legged man in an arse kicking competition!!

I aint used to Working 7 days a week!

Blogging is on the back burner for now...
The real world just gets in the way sometimes..... Have a great weekend!

Pam said...

Did Blogger eat my previous comment?

sparringK9 said...

theres been blogger problems too. the pages were older posts and my comments disappeared. then lightning struck my house and i lost my modem. Since i live in the boonies, i have to wait until another is shipped from wisconsin. I will get it tomorrow. RIght now, im at the little cafe in downtown blue ridge.

I did comment on the photos....long time ago but blogger could not complete my request and i gave up.
I didnt like the MCW topics lately so i didnt do them. Ive never seen a thin man movie. so///and teen vixens really aint my bag either.

then there is the matter of my dead mom. i know, i know, it sounds lame, but I havent quite gotten my groove back. everything feels too hard. do you know what I mean?

My garden is a lot to do everyday, and i had two art shows open the last 3 weeks so i was busy there. But I am planning to update my own blog and be more present on incredibly awesome blogs like this more often.

Aunty Belle said...

MRM, no no--we's been heah, but Blogger wuz AWOL fer two days--an ate comments fer the day afore that.

Ain't too shure whas' up wif' Haiku Monday's under Fleur--mebbe she wuz hijacked by her Mama and Sistah.

On MCW, it wuz Wednesday that Blogger went bazooka.

The new gig sounds a dream come true. Y'all will git the SD folks in line--an the consolation is all the good golf.

But, what of the lady department--has I missed a chapter of the story?

moi said...

I'm here. Just waiting for Blogger to get its scheisse together. Hope all is well with you and hopefully—ahem—you will post some GOSSIP soon.

Milk River Madman said...

Wow, I guees it's true. Sometimes you have to shake the tree to get the fruit to fall.

Just got back from WY. Third date occurred. Long date. Hung out all day. She got to meet a couple of my friends. I don't know if she was overwhelmed or not but there's your update.

I made a major purchase of some baseball memorbelia. I then "loaned" the five pieces I bought to The Prodigy to display in his microbrewery (find Blacktooth Brewery on facebook) TP was very excited and I'm happy to have them on display at his joint.

We'll catch up more later. Just rolled in and am going to bed.

Karl said...

Good morning MRM,

Good to hear the jobs going so well, if you like what you're doing it isn't really work.

I think part of the MIA issue is that everybody's busy and it's spring. More time out doing things and less time sitting at a computer.

The shame about MCW is that Joanna graciously took up hosting to keep it going and so far she's been stuck with the perspective of Buzz and I. It would be nice to see a better turnout this week. Even with the topic: Hugh Grant. Hell I had to look him up.