Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Force is strong in this one.

I can't believe VW isn't going to give me a kickback after dozens of people watch this.


Karl said...

Good afternoon MRM,

That was funny!

Buzz Kill said...

That kid is going to be F-ed up on so many levels.

Milk River Madman said...

I like to pretened I have the force when I'm walking up to automatic doors. Kind of wave my hand right when they open. Its the little things in life.

chickory said...

loved it. I do the Jedi mind trick all the time. example:

checking out at a store that employs the hideous practice of asking for my zip code

*chickory waves hand over the cashier*
"you dont need to know my zip code"

I also like to answer with 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,


Buzz Kill said...

I just read a story on
yahoo that this is a leaked super bowl commercial. So we get to watch it again on Sunday.

Jenny said...

oh, if only. *sigh*

Great commercial and if this is a leaked one,

you just saved me a ton of time. Thanks!

moi said...

Poor little feller. Imagine how disappointed he's going to be when he discovers girls' boobs.

Milk River Madman said...

"This isn't the zip code you're looking for."

How pissed are you if you're the president of VW right now and and you spent 3 MILLION for this spot this coming Sunday? Heads will roll.

Saving time is my life's motto.

Boobs are the least of his worries when it comes to women. Just sayin.

Aunty Belle said...

ha! clevah, funny an' memorable--

@ Buzz (first comment) Ya need a daughter. Git busy.

MRM, the little thangs in life--heh. I figger, I ain't yet met a grown man. They's all little boys at heart. An thas' really why this commercial is so great.

Pam said...

Cute commercial and I love vw's. I'm with Chickie on not giving out the zip code. Why do they need that info? I never give it out. Except now gas pumps are asking for it.

Roses said...

They ask for a zip code at checkouts? Why? If you refuse, do they still sell you the gas?

Anyway, I agree, that is a brilliant ad.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey---know it is unlikely, but if the game is a rout, an youse bored?? Come on over to the BACK porch an' yak it up on the EGYPT thang--what do it mean fer USA/ fer price of oil? or any other serious topic.

chickory said...

@pam you have to give it at ga pumps to verify youre the holder of the credit that case its a good thing. but anthropologie dont need it. unless they want to ship me some hand stitched kitchen towels.