Monday, February 7, 2011

The pre-Superbowl interview

During the interview with Barry and Bill O'Reilly yesterday, O'Reilly asked the president something to the effect of "what don't you like about being president?" To which Obama responded that he didn't like how he was always under the microscope.  He couldn't just go out and and go to dinner, you know that sort of thing.

Really B. Hussein?  You really don't like alll of the attention?  I've been following the presidency since Jimmy Carter and I've never seen a president more in love with himself than you.  You go to burger joints and shut down complete areas of downtown.  You go to NYC to take your wife to a play and shut down airspace for over eight hours.  These are but two that  come to immediately to mind.  When you always want to be in the limelight, when you spend every waking moment seeking it or figuring out how you can get in it, don't complain.  Even for you it's unbecoming.  No wait, it's exactly what I expect.

If you didn't want to be on television, then decline the interview.  If you're going to be on television put on a tie.  Oh, and don't think for a minute I don't know you're coloring your hair.  Its way less gray than it was after the November elections.  Does Carly Simon know you're living her song?


moi said...

I assume this is hysterically funny and oh-so-true, but I won't play it, I just won't. I have HUGE love for this song and to have it ruined by associating it with Barry O. Bummer would break my heart beyond repair.

fishy said...

The Ohorrors continue.