Thursday, February 24, 2011

LBOH 22 the clock is ticking

So 21 years ago my lifelongs and me decided to have a weekend where (or is it wear or ware, Moi help me out I  have an English minor for shits sake) anywhoo we have this weekend where we all get together. No wifes ( or is it wives, again Moi a little help) now this is getting confusing. So, we have this weekend. It's called the LBOH (Lonely Bachelors Oppressed Husbands) weekend.

Every Saturday night, the last nigt of reveling, Skeets, Ghoulies and me ( or is it I, God how I'm glad I'm not teaching) sing this song. Tomorrow Gary Morris will be in Bozeman singing at the eloquent Ellen Theatre. If he doesn't sing THIS song, I'm storming the stage, taking my Old Timer pocket knife out and puting it to his throat and making him sing. Three years in Deer Lodge be damned!

Ralph, I'm sorry you can't be there with me and hope I don't get misty.  It will probaly be the dust if I do.

 Great song especially given where I am at this state.


sparringK9 said...

you're a brave man. grrrrrrrrhahahahaha. enjoy the show. and if you storm the stage, get video.

moi said...

Where, wives, I. (We copy editors exist to make you English majors' lives easier :o) )

My husband sort of does the same thing every year. Only by himself. It's called: Moi goes to the spa each June with all her homies and husband stays home, drinks beer, watches guy flicks, lets dog hair accumulate on the sofa, devolves to a pre-marital bachelor state, and I have to gentrify him all over again when I get home. But, at least I'm tan . . .

You have fun now, ya hear?

Milk River Madman said...

Never confuse stupidity with bravery. It's not pretty.

Got it. Laughed my ass off. I hope he sings Leave Me Lonely as well. Its an awesome song but can't find it on youtube or playlist. If anyone finds it give it a listen. Great voice, great lyrics.