Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MCW "Most overrated Oscar"

In case you don't remember how this works or are new here to planet Earth, here's what happens.  Each week, our magnificent host and creator of this meme The one, the only, BOXER!! picks a theme, you find a clip of around three minutes and put it up.  You go to Boxer's place, let her know that everything is a go and we come over and visit. 

This week's theme is Most Overrated Oscar.  I'm kind of like Troll.  I assumed for best picture.  Best performance well, Russell Crowe winning for Gladiator was beyond stupid.  Fighting CGI tigers isn't really Oscar worthy is it?  The movie itself was nominated for twelve Oscars and won five.  NOMINATED FOR 12? Where the hell I am I? Bizzaro world.  Amazon Women On the Moon (short clip here) was twice the movie and it has nothing to do with the title.   A young Arsenio Hall here in AWOTM.  It's a great movie.

Of course Titanic won as well.  I kind of covered this a while back in this post. Where I mentioned Gladiator and the movie in this blogpost. I'm consistent if nothing else.

One movie does stick out for me though.  Maybe it's because I looked forward to it sooooo much.  The trailer's were awesome.  The story looked great.  Adopted college sister Monika and I were both giddy when it was released.  We went to it the first night it opened.  I can't remeber her exact reaction but I do remember mine and it was that this movie sucked and I wanted my money back. It was nominated for nine and won four including best picture.  I found it slow moving, borderline boring and the ending scene was so ridiculous I almost stood up in the theater and shouted "are you fucking kidding me?" You ready?  This is gonna get me in trouble with at least one of the malcontents but I'm sorry.  I can't help it.

Here it comes!!

And the answer is Unforgiven!  What a complete waste of my time.  This final scene is such bullshit.  William Munny would have been cut to pieces. Those guys weren't afraid of dudes like him.  They wanted him dead and he surely would have been.  He rides off into the sunset like somekind of twisted version of Robin Hood.   Booo.  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You can skip most of this as it's nine minutes of mostly crap.  It was the shortest clip I could find of the ending.  Lots of clips of a Metallica song named Unforgiven so I'm assuming that was a hit for them.

Not only do I think this is the most overrated Oscar ever (remember, Clint had not won and Oscar for anything yet so it was only given out of pity. There is no other explanation) it's one of the crummiest westerns of the last 30 years. Not on the same page as this classic.

The wrath of Buzz and I'm sure several others surely awaits me.  I will stand my ground. Happy MCW.


Joanna Cake said...

LOL! I knew it! It's still a good movie, even if it was a pity award ;P

Anonymous said...

Good pick. If I'd paid to see it and had high expectactions, I'd have been mad too.

Mediocre. Not among Clint's Top 10.

Buzz Kill said...

Sorry to disappoint but you won't get too much of an arguememnt from me. You're right that it was mediocre at best, too dark and too long. It had a few good lines and scenes though.

Bill Munny: It's a hell of a thing, killin' a man. Take away all he's got, and all he's ever gonna have.

But look at the movies it was up against for Best Picture: The Crying Game, A Few Good Men, Howards End and Scent of a Woman. Not much competition there and Clint deserved an Oscar at some point in his life, so why not then? I would have rather seen him win for The Outlaw Josey Wales - his best western EVER.

Happy MCW!

sparringK9 said...

i liked this movie. but, i do love westerns. I just love looking at the land for two hours! But the scene where clint goes back and kills everybody. I have to say...its very satisfying. Buzz is right, in that field, c'mon! and i think pacino won actor for scent of a woman? not his best. way too hammy.

happy MCW my entry is here

moi said...

I was not a fan of Unforgiven, even though I'm an Eastwood fan, through and through. I felt the same way about that boxing flick he did that won the Oscar.

As for Russell Crowe, he didn't win best actor because of his acting, silly. He won it for his abs. Which I'm perfectly fine with, because it makes just about as much sense as a form of criteria as anything else that dribbles out of the maw of hollyweird.

Milk River Madman said...

I probably need to give it a second look.

I remember Monika telling me how she read that Clint had the rights for this movie for 10 years but was waiting to get to the right age to play the part.

The line about killing a man is as good a line as there's been in a long while. But that's about all that movie had.

Buzz makes a good point with the competition but I'm still angry at the quality of the movie vs. the hype. As far as the scenery, well, I'm so frickin spoiled where I live that I didn't get into it.

You have a point. I mean, Kim Bassinger won an Oscar for LA Confidential and she can't act but she's kinda purty.

Jenny said...

I actually liked Unforgiven. It was dark and gritty. Very Un-Hollywood. I love Clint, but did not love Million Dollar Baby - surprised? It was flawed. No legitimate boxer would have clocked Hillary Swank. All wrong.

Anyway, thanks for playing and great post. I like all of your videos.

Milk River Madman said...

I figured you and Buzz to not quite agree but then that's just fine.

Aunty Belle said...

well, have to say I seen it, an cause we wuz so expectant, we overlooked its saggy draggy pace. But, youse right, I reckon.

Uncle doan think Clint ever nade a bad one, an' Aunty thinks "make mah day" made him an icon, but mah own favorite was Play Misty For Me EEEEeeeeK!

Pam said...

I honestly can't remember Unforgiven too well .. have seen it, but all I remember is Gene Hackman at his house that he was building. If I've got the right movie. Unforgiven was not unforgettable. I got nothing this week.

Milk River Madman said...

I love Clint. That's why this was such a disappointment.

You have the right movie. That's how boring it was.