Friday, January 7, 2011

Krayton Kerns, DVM

I started working on a ranch in south Phillips County when I was 12.  It's a long story of how I ended up there and maybe someday I'll tell it. I spent every summer there from that time until I graduated from high school.  I've since been "adpoted" by them as their third son.  It's how they introduce me to people I don't know and I do the same for them.  They are my parents and I call them Pop and Mother.  Pop and my own Dad were the best of friends so the history is long and happy.

Anyway, Pop and Mother's youngest daughter is currently renting a spare room from me.  She was in need of a place and though I didn't particularly care to have a roommate, there was no way I was going to turn her out.  Her mom and dad are happy that one of her big brother's is around to take care of her.
When I go to Malta, I almost always spend all or part of a day at the ranch.  It is my home. It's where I want to be buried. The folks get a publication called the Western Ag Reporter.  I will usually give it quick read and go back to talking politics and baseball with Pop. 

This year, I've asked mother on a couple of occasions to make me copies or send me articles from the Western Ag that I read when I was home and wanted to keep on file as I begin my assault on the environmental movement.  She must have tired of it because she bought me a subscription for Christmas.

This week's issue had a great article by a guy named Krayton Kerns. It was a great read so I linked it here for you.  Check out his home page as well.  He seems very malconted and would fit in well.


Pam said...

I totally buy it. They are held hostage to catch-phrases. Complex issues are boiled down to one-liners. For example, you could have years and years of a 100% pro-life stance, and then maybe turn up against one little aspect of a bill having to do with confidentiality, and boom! Suddenly you are pro-abortion and it WILL be used against you. I've seen it happen. BTW, sent you an e-mail for more info on your Montana land-grab to pass along to someone.

Anonymous said...

Do you know which Constitutional Right that those accused of drunk-driving have to give up before trial?

Kerns didn't specify.

Anyway, good article.

Milk River Madman said...

It goes back to me e-mail I sent you and the process they use. It's so slimy.

I'm not sure what he is talking about there but I'm assuming the right against self incrimination. Refusing to blow I believe is where he is coming from. Have an email to him and I'll see if he responds, if he does, I'll ask him.

moi said...

Here in New Mexico, we got people coming up on not their second or third DUI, but their ten, eleventh, THIRTEENTH! Madness . . .

Which is why I don't believe it should be illegal to drink and drive. It doesn't solve the problem and it never will. If it's legal to drink, and it's legal to drive, how then does it follow that it's illegal to drink an arbitrarily-decided upon amount of booze and then operate a motor vehicle? You haven't DONE anything yet, but you are still presumed guilty of a crime?

So the only way to ensure the effectiveness of the DUI laws as they now stand on the books is to also make it illegal to drink, period.

Short of that, what I'd do is leave everyone the hell alone UNLESS someone commits a property or other kind of crime while under the influence. Then treat them like you'd treat anyone else who commits the same crime sober. If you kill someone while driving, either under the influence or not, then you're prosecuted to the full extent of whatever your state's manslaughter laws happen to be.

Otherwise, as with all things, the idiots are going to continue to be idiots, regardless.

Jenny said...

refusing to blow in our State is an automatic suspension of your license. And if I ever had the misfortune of being in that situation... I'd stand by my rights.

That's why I rarely drink in public. I wonder how he feels about random traffic stops on major roads. That happens here too and I can't tell you how crazy mad I get at the idea of being pulled over for NO reason.

lastly, I love the back story and it's nice to know where you'll end up.

Milk River Madman said...

Moi and Boxer,
My theory on the subject of drinking and driving is this: it is a multi-million dollar cash cow for state and local gov'ts.

Here in Gallatin County, over 800 DUI's are written annually. Minimum fine is $795.00. That's $636k in fines. Substance abuse school is also mandatory at $250.00 for another $200k.

Want to eliminate drunk driving? Make breathalyzers standard equipment on every vehicle. Auto makers HAVE to install seatbelts and airbags, and most states require you to wear said belts.

Installing breathalyzers kills the revenue stream. It's plain and simple.

You can run a yellow/red light in broad daylight and most of the time it's not problem, after dark however any minor infraction like not signalling is cause to pull you over.

Moi, I love your logic and will use that argument.

Boxer, thank you for the compliment.

Aunty Belle said...

I like yore Krayton Kerns--his haid is screwed on frontwards. "progressives" means progressively stealin' our freedom, land, heritage.

sparringK9 said...

The most interesting aspect of KK's letter isnt the DUI situation but the "prepping". The amount of propagandizing in this nation is astonishing. well -less astonishing all the time. Thats all news is now. And you know that the government does such neat things as buy up google search results and pays to have their ideology placed in popular shows. oh yes. and then the MSM is really a tool of the state. Many many americans are seriously ill informed and have no idea how much liberty has eroded away.

I like mois idea about dealing with DUI a lot.


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