Thursday, April 16, 2009

A poem

Bury me in Dyer Coulee

High atop a hill.

Hopefully the sun will shine

And the wind will be quite still.

Don't put me in the Corral Pasture,

Five Section or in Sunquest.

I want to be in Dyer Coulee.

I've always liked it best.

Maybe it's the name

That makes me like it so.

Or the horseback ride I took there

So many years ago.

I've traveled many miles

I kind of like to roam.

But when I see Dyer Coulee

I always know I'm home.

So go and dig a six-foot hole

And put me in the earth.

Lay me int the cold, dark ground

The Bible says gave birth.

I'm not in any hurry

To say my last goodbye

But Dyer Coulee is the place

To put me when I die.

I hope to see it again soon.

I saw it just today.

It warms my heart for home

So many miles away.

So bury me in Dyer Coulee

I really don't care where.

When I hear the cattle calling

I will know, at last, I'm there.

w.r.gibbs June 6, 2004

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