Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy hour will start a little earlier today.

I spent the last two days in Helena at the state contractors convention.  Ate a lot of food and had a Crown or too.  Listened to some speaker for three hours yesterday about how to "Lead without yelling" and then yelled at one of my guys today who didn't listen to a word I said yesterday when I checked in. I shouldn't have yelled but my frustration level is way up with not being listened to especially when it costs the company money. It's over now and I'll try to learn from it.

I get to go back to Helena on Monday to testify at the legislature about the proposed national monument that I mentioned here back in December.

I'm trying to catch up on what everyone has been doing the last couple of days.  I haven't made all of my MCW rounds yet and will finish them up tonight.  I did read a couple of great posts so far today.  The first was Fishy's market dilema , another was Chickory's adventure  I also had to see how the lovely Roses foray into internet dating was going.

Three wonderful thought out posts that make me just love the ol' blogosphere. 

So I came here to post something and this is what I came up with: I will SHOOT down all liberal arguments whenenever possible.  I will TARGET their causes and ARM myself with knowledge in an effort to DESTROY said causes. I will BLOW UP their reasoning with facts and common sense.  

What a steaming pile of dung! I mean honestly!  How much more lazy can I be?  I swear to God that coming to this site is like being Charlie Brown at Halloween.  It doesn't matter how many times you pop in, all you're ever gonna get is a rock!


Roses said...

Hey honey. Thanks so much for the mention.

Conferences...ummm...I was the one who usually gets drunk at the dinner, then attends all the seminars very hungover and never remembering what was said.

So I wouldn't worry about it. Frankly, unless the people who need shouting at attend as well, they won't appreciate your restraint. Let's face it, particularly in construction, shouting is part of the territory of management.

Karl said...

Good evening MRM,

I too am playing catch up. A long frustrating week.

Can I suggest trying the "repeat back" technique. It's a little tedious, but it works. You tell the individual exactly what you want them to do. Then you have them repeat it back to you. If they don't repeat it back correctly, you repeat the exercise. If they do repeat it back correctly, and don't do the task correctly. It's time to decide whether to keep them around or not.

Prepare your testimony well, rehearse it as an actor would. The better you present your point of view the more folks will listen. If you've never done it before, it can be quite trying. When you run up against the opposition and they throw out points of misinformation and fuzzy science to blur your testimony. Stick to your guns and make sure all your reference data is correct. It your best bet at winning. Good luck with your testimony.

Milk River Madman said...

You are welcome for the mention. Your blog is a true joy to read. I didn't have my best game today.

your comments are exactly what Wally, the speaker, said. The odd thing about this exchange is that the person involved and I have work together for 15 years. I guess that's what really set me off. My request was very specific and he didn't follow through. When he acted like it wasn't a big deal, I had lost my patience. I handled it poorly and feel bad.

Tuesday morning ( not working Monday) I will bring him into my office and apologize for handling it poorly. He's a good man and I think he will accept. We will work out where it went wrong and go forward. I like to yell at the TV not at people. The task was simple and his response was less than respectful. Despite that, I am disappointed in myself for my reaction to him.

The thing that bothers me the most is that he doesn't get why I responded the way I did. To him it wasn't a big deal.

The good thing is that I was right. That will be my leverage come Tuesday. It will also be the thing that smooths it over as Scott is a big enough man to admit he didn't do what I asked.

Life goes on. We will work together and it will be alright.

Pam said...

You are testifying before the legislature? Super-cool! Can't wait to hear all about that experience. Don't worry about losing your patience with the employee -- I think we all need to know from time to time that people expect more from us than we are probably giving.

moi said...

I work for myself and I'll be danged if I can get my lazy ass in gear sometimes. Perhaps I should stop shouting at myself? Perhaps I should repeat back and incentivize little more?

Jenny said...

I love Karl's advice about the "repeat back" technique.

The only "good" thing about the recession is I've reduced employees and now use temps as needed. I no longer have to be concerned about whether I can train them. I no longer have to yell, I just say "Next!" and call for a new Temp. I have a friend who uses the "Tell Them Again and the Then Tell AGAIN" method. Yelling isn't fun for any of the parties involved but I understand how it can happen.

And like Moi, there are days I spend more time of the Internet when I should be working (for myself.)

fishy said...

For starts I think it admirable you have TARGETED your goals and taken AIM at those who would delay or prevent achievements. YELLING your position is sometimes the response to staff who ELECT TO IGNORE those who sign their paychecks.

That being said .... if you yelled in public you must also apologize in public. To all present. As well as the man in your CROSSHAIRS.

Your explanation reminds me of the old joke about a mule:
Joe sold his prize mule to Beau.
Beau called Joe to say the mule wouldn't work.
Joe said there was maybe one little thing to try.
So he rode on over to Beau's, got the mule out of the corral and smacked him upside the head with a 2x4.
Turning to Beau, Joe said,
" This here mule will do everything you ask of him.
First though, you have to get his attention,"

The 2x4 makes it a "big deal" to all the mules.

Looks like you made a big IMPACT using a
VERBAL WEAPON instead of a 2x4. Let's hope it got everybody's attention.

May your weekend be restorative.
I am finally off to market!
ps) new post at the Pond

Aunty Belle said...

Whoa, ya did have a need fer an early Friday, I see.

I did miss ya on MCW--but I is known to give an occasional hall pass.

About your topic--"I will shoot down..." Heh. A young fella of mah acquaintance thought to spring me fer an hour after days in the hispital wif' Granny. He said, "let's go git us some tea at one of the weird hippie tea emporiums."

This fella ain't remotely hippified. I said, "Nope. I ain't puttin' up wif no liberals today. especially not hippie liberals an their sniffy pretense at superior moral ground."

The fella replied, "you woan have ter put up wif nuthin', cause since Tuscon, they's afraid we's
all liable to shoot 'em. They'll keep their haids down an they mouths shut. An' we oughta keep 'em that way."

Hope your trip back to Helena was productive.

chickory said...

Im glad you enjoyed my post! a week later i still cant get my car out and last night i pulled the truck down to use it to rough up the driveway to help the car get out and now its stuck. i didnt buy enough dogfood so i will have to hitchhike on wednesday if i dont get out today.

an apology will go a long way -im sure he will accept and can understand your frustration with doing the job correctly. Good luck in Helena, youve received a ton of great advice - i know you'll do great. I laughed reading about your friend expecting you to know all about arizona because you were born there. I BET that got old. grrrrherhahaha