Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fun at 7500 feet

L to R, your humble host, friend Scott and his nephew Casey.

Just some pictures BG took this past Saturday.  It was the first time we've all been out riding.  There were places where the wind was blowing 40 MPH but mostly the weather was great.  The snow was like riding in pure sugar.  Very soft and lots of work.  I was a little sore for a couple of days afterwards but no where near as sore if I hadn't been going to the gym. That really saved me. 

Fortunately BG never took any pictures of the couple of times I got stuck.  One was epic!  Climbing a little hill with about 5 feet of powder and got kicked out of the trail, fought it back and was ready to give myself a high five and fist bump when my foot slipped off the rail while switching sides and I dumped it big time.  You kind of had to be there.

Pictures didn't turn out to bad considering BG took them with her HTC Incredible.  Then she posted them to her FB page from where these were taken.  The 21st century is so awesome.

L to R, Casey stuck as he went to help Aunt Mary who was stuck.

This actually put both of them tied with me for being the stuck the most.  That was before the hill incident.  And *ahem, another time right after that. The last one really made me angry.  Pure stupidity and not listening to Scott. "When in doubt, THROTTLE OUT!" It's good advice. I ended up getting stuck the most.  It's not a title I relish and one I've claimed more than my fair share since I started riding.  I think I need new skis on the front.  Yeah, that's it.  New skis will solve my problems. Sure enough.


MRM taking a break and getting ready for a snack.


Anonymous said...

Brrr! But it looks gorgeous!
And fun...reckon yore bones ain't ole enough
Yet to worry about breaking them
So--live it up!!

That second pic is fabulous-crisp, clear
And feels asif ya' could touch the snow.

Yes, 21st cent is amazin'


Karl said...

Good afternoon MRM,

Gee, that just looks like a ton of fun. Although how you can breathe at 7,500 feet, I don't know. I have seen adds for winches and tow straps for snowmobiles. I guess now I understand where the market comes from.

How did your testimony go? How did the discussion with the employee go?

Milk River Madman said...
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Milk River Madman said...

We wouldn't even know each other without the 21st century.

Testimony was short and sweet. More of a statement in this part of the process. The employee conversation, went ok. I apologized for how I handled the situation We've worked together for almost 14years and this kind of thing never has and never will be personal with me. Can't let it be. He's a good man.

Tanaya said...

Possibly, a different color sled would help your problem. I'm sure those black and yellow ones get stuck more than the green ones.

We used to ride every weekend until Keaton came along...now, my sled wonders why I don't come visit her anymore.

Buzz Kill said...

Beautiful country you have there Madman. I've never had the opportunity to snow mobile but it looks like fun.

Milk River Madman said...

It's time to come back to the snow. I'm not a fan of the color either. It's making it hard to name the sled. I don't like "Black Bart" or "Old Midnight". As much as I was stuck last week, I should call it "Elmer's Glue All".

Thanks, its pretty easy to take. A great vacation is Yellowstone in the winter time. You can take a guided snowmobile ride or in the snow coach. YNP is at it's most beautiful in the winter.

Jen said...

Had to come look at the post since you told me my pics were up here! :) Love the story, and I'm skeptical on the new skis, but it's your story. ;) ;) ;) hahahah. Good times!

Now that YOU have an incredible, we'll be waiting for you to catch up because you'll be BLOGGING from 7500 feet. I swear, we'll leave you if you do. :)

I liked this post!