Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MCW Favorite Cop Movie

(Sorry for being late. Screwed up my autopost)

Okey Dokey.  Narrow theme, then a broad theme. I have good news though. In the spirit of the season, I'm going to name the theme for the next TWO MCW's.  Everyone is going to be really busy with all the stuff that goes on this time of year so here's your assignments.  The theme for 12/15 is "most overrated movie". This is a Boxer suggestion and it's a great one.  The theme for 12/22 is (drum roll please)  favorite Christmas Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. /standing ovation from the blogosphere ensues.

Here's how it works.  Each week I pick a theme, you go out into the world wide interweb and find an appropriate clip, hopefully less than three minutes long, come over here and post that you are up and we all come and see what it is you've done.  Boxer began this and it's up to us to finish it.  Kind of like how the young kids took the herd the rest of the way to town after John Wayne died in The Cowboys. God did I hate Bruce Dern after that.  I don't know if I watched a movie with him in it for like 10 years.

This week's theme was a suggestion from Five Wood.  With the death of Leslie Nielson, he thought a cop movie theme would be good.  I didn't have anything better so I rolled with it.

Lots and lots of good cop movies to choose from as there always are when I don't make it at least a little bit narrow.  Oh well.  I went with one of my all time favorites Super Troopers.  This movie would fit last week's theme for everyone at the LBOH who didn't like it the first time. It's funny and I thought most of those guys had a sophisticated sense of humor like me but truth is they are more into fart jokes and find movies like American Pie 4 funny.

Not enough good clips but the trailer will suffice.

And in tribute to Leslie Nielson


Roses said...

Police Squad, awesome from start to finish.

I'm up today with Inside Man at journeying.

Happy MCW.

Joanna Cake said...

Not seen Super Troopers and I know Im probably being a Philistine but I found I could only cope with small quantities of Leslie Nielsen - a bit too samey.

I too am up with my contribution :)

Princess said...

Super Troopers... too stupid for words, that's why i liked it i guess.
What a flying finish for the year!
2 themes in advance I'm impressed Madman. I was starting to worry that you were not going to show up this week....
Have a great week...

Buzz Kill said...

Damn, Damn, Damn, Double Damn, Damn! So I'm thinking, Dirty Harry or Shaft (he's a bad Mother...) would come up either here or at Karl's, right? Damn! Well, I obviously like this movie and Police Squad is comedic Genius. I just watch one of Leslie Nielson's last movies the other night - Stan Helsing whare he plays a waitress. God I'll miss him. Damn!

Well, if you want to see the same Super Troopers clip (again), go over to the Buzzkill.

I'll be around tonight to visit.

Happy MCW! Damn!

Anonymous said...

Teeheee ... I'm sorry, I have no idea about these Super Troopers - great to see Frank Drebin!

moi said...

Haven't seen Super Troopers, but I think I remember seeing Police Squad on one of those bereft-of-football-and-all-other-watchable-sports weekend afternoons when the only thing left to do is watch whatever movie cable is upchucking. And I remember it being funny in that way that guys find things funny. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I'm up with The Thomas Crowne Affair and will be around to everyone shortly.

Happy MCW and thanks again for hosting with the mosting!

Karl said...

Good morning MRM,

I haven't seen super troopers, although after that clip I'm pretty sure I've got the just a it.

I was sorry to hear of Nielsen's passing. He was a funny man.

A fine day to you, oh master of the clips.

@ Buzz, I didn't even consider Dirty Harry, I was sure I'd see a clip at your place.

I'm up with Charlie Chan.

Anonymous said...

Nielsen was one funny dude. I'm UP at the Troll Stroll.

sparringK9 said...

Never saw this! or Airplane. can you believe that? Is a cop movie the same as detective movie? I dont know. But i think your choice might be excellent after a few crown on the rocks.

happy MCW!

my entry is here

Pam said...

Great theme idea ... I'm up with something I don't expect blog jinx on. I expected to see Airplane as your clip?

Milk River Madman said...

Roses, I love that the sign outside the police station reads "Police Station".

JC, Nielsen's schtick wasn't for everyone. Neither is Super Troopers.

Princess, I love when Thorny is shining is flashlight in the car in broad daylight. Boxer gave me one theme and the Christmas theme is just out there. Gives y'all plenty of time to find the perfect clip hopefully.

Buzz, are you effing kidding me? We blog jinx on Super Troopers? Obama has better odds of getting re-elected.

63, its different humor and the rest of Broken Lizards movies are borderline horrible. This one has some good humor.

Moi, Police Squad and Naked Gun both cater more to the male side of humor.

Karl, funny how his greatest succes came in the opposite form of almost every role he'd played until then. He was the Betty White of his generation. Of course, so is she.

Troll, he was the best at deadpan. Period.

K9, cops, detectives, private investigators, sherriffs, marshalls, they all fall into this. Like giving you loyal readers a wide variety of options.

Pam, I thought about Airplane but those clips were all over the place last week when Nielsen died. I always loved the opening and laughed watching it yesterday.