Saturday, December 4, 2010

Random thoughts #24

Things that crossed my mind while wondering why life has been so good to me.

#1. I find myself saying "dude" a lot more than I used to and it sucks.

#2. Andie MacDowell is getting better looking with age. Not that she is that great  of an actress, but hot, yes she is.

#3. "Human Target" is the best show you aren't watching. Mark Valley is the star. A West Point graduate and a Desert Storm vet. The show is fun, exciting and good entertainment. Indira Varma is hotter than doughnut grease.

#4. Wesley Snipes is going to prison for tax evasion. Elmer Fudd Charlie Rangel, the esteemed congressmen from New York is not. What a joke.

#5. My dad died 16 years ago this past November 11th. A day has not passed. that I haven't thought about him at least once.  If I've said this before, so what.

#6. I attended an avalanche awareness course this past week. Almost makes me wish I sold my snowmobile. Be safe and aware. BG went with me. I don't know if I'll ride without her. She is so smart and level headed. It's funny to say that I feel safer with her than a couple of other guys I've ridden with.

#7. I grew out my beard for the first time in 10 years. What used to be jet black is now almost tottally white. I look like a skinny Santa Claus. "Eat Poppa, eat!"

#8. I love snowmobiling. BG got me into it back when she thought I was the ticket.  I'm still hanging in there. She is the bomb. Exchange as when I get to the fund raiser for the snowmobile club tonight.  BG "You been boozin?" Me "Yeah. Had a couple at The Tree.  I'm out of checks so whatever I buy tonight at the auction you have to pay for and I'll square with you this weekend." BG "That's fine. I know you're good for it."  Hey, if  she doesn't dig me, she wouldn't be doing that. Know what I'm sayin?

#9. I'd quit my job and sell pencils on a street corner before I'd give up a friendship to my life long Malta boys.

#10. My sister LP is undeafeted watching the Bobcats live. If they make it to the FCS national championship I'm flying her to Dallas to watch it with me. She cheers on the Cats as hard as I do. There would not be anyone else I'd rather celebrate with. That's if Diane Lane isn't available.  Just sayin. I have cavasier right here Diane. Call me.  BTW, LP's birthday is Saturday.  She will be 116 or something like that. Kay, I love you so much you can't even begin to understand it.  I know you read faithfully and I want you, and everyone who follows me, to know that you are the smartest, funniest woman on the planet.  To have you as my sister is just another blessing I don't deserve but I'll take it each and every day.  Just do one thing for me. Get off your dead ass and win at Jeopardy so I can play golf with Gary and say "HEY!  WE'RE OUT OF BEER OVER HERE!" I'm not asking for the moon. Honestly though kid, happy birthday. You are the best and I hope to see you in Dallas in January.

#11. OK. So taking BG to Dallas would be great also. Her seats at Bobcat Stadium are almost directly across from mine. She texts me all the time during games. Making fun of my reactions to plays, etc. How she sees so much of the game while checking out what The Duke is doing is a testament to her powers of observation. It's why I feel safe snowmobiling with her.

The previous 11 statements were written last night in a complete state of sobriety, the following 3 not so much.

#12. I had a college buddy in my office yesterday. Brooks. He's done a ton of business with me over the years.  We were going over a couple of invoices he had some questions on. He kept holding them at arms length. "Brooks, I have an extra pair of cheaters in my desk. You want them?"  "Chipper, are they stronger than 2's"  "No"  Brooks "Awesome. Let me have em so I can read this invoice".  That's a sure sign you're getting old. When you lend your reading glasses.

#13. Crown, beer, pizza and Canadian Mist. Not the best combination but I've had worse. Thunderbird and Olympia. Tequila with anything.  Red wine and vodka.  Hey, at least I didn't drink pink champagne and puke on Laurie S's coat at the fireman's hall dance in Malta.  Here me now and see me later but I know you are reading this JS3.  The funniest thing about that night is the next morning at Skeet's house when his mom says "I heard someone threw up on Laurie S's coat last night.  That wasn't one of you guys was it?"  Skeets and I both break out laughing and Ma Skeets says "ITS NOT FUNNY IF YOU KNOW WHO IT IS!" Skeets, with all his composure says "No Mom. We know who it is and it is funny."  Good times.

#14. Did you all check out the spread Buzz threw down on Thanksgiving? Check it out the deal right here.  If you dont think this wasn't a great feast, then do me a favor and go play jacks in the freeway.  We will all be happier

First eleven, good stuff, last three, not so much.  I have to rest as the game kicks off at 12 and I have miles to go before I sleep. How's that?  Threw down a little Robert Frost on ya'all.

This post has not been checked for spelling or grammatical errors.  The author has a hearty "KISS MY ASS" for those of you who choose to correct.  He has been drinking whiskey and has to get up at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow and really doesn't give a rat's ass. 

Love all the followers of the drivel.  



Pam said...

#1. Dude, I think those phrases come and go, but that one has stuck around long enough.

#2. Andie MacDowell. My father-in-law had a big-time thing for her. He thought she was a "dish". Damn fine filly. I suppose all that anti-aging lotion she is wearing lately helps. I need to invest.

#3. "Human Target" ... I have to disagree on this one. I think it is hokey. We watched last season some and noticed the big changes this year. Introducing the female benefactor and juvie girl delinquent, made it better but I still think it is hokey. Our favorite is the guy who played Emerson Cod on Pushing Daisies.

#4. Wesley Snipes ~ can't he just go make another movie and get that debt paid off?

#5. Dads. Mine was the best. I still miss him every day too. Smartest person I ever knew.

#6. Oh this could be serious. If a female has a guy wanting to be acting all safe and mature, well, this could be going somewhere.

#7. Must post photos of Skinny Santa!

#8. Repeating #6 above.

#9. Old friends are the best.

#10. Dallas? That's like a suburb to us. Go team!

#11. Repeating #10 above.

#12. Wait until you have to go with bifocals. Argh. I'm thinking lasik myself.

#13. Re puking up pink champagne. No there is a memory. Mine was "Cold Duck" however. My first drunk. Was in the front yard puking it up when the most popular/hottest boy in school came walking up the driveway. Sums up my high school days nicely.

#14. I say we invite ourselves along to Buzz's next year for turkey day. That looked delish!

Happy weekend to you and BG! wink wink

moi said...

Dude, I say dude all the time. It's an unfortunate consequence of hanging out on occasion with extreme athletes. The patois snags you, regardless of age, socio-economic status, or the fact that you may just may write for a living. So, no worries.

P.S. Nothing sucks worse than losing a parent. For me, after 10 years, the edges of the pain have blunted a bit, but it's always there, slow simmering on the back burner. But, like most things that are part of life's natural course, it's all good.

Buzz Kill said...

#4 Agree with you hear. I don't care if the guy's 80, he should be doing time or at least expelled from congress. And part of the charges against him were for tax evasion. I'll miss Blade.

#5 My sympathies. My dad died 28 years ago (he was 2 weeks shy of 50) and I do think of him but probably not as often as you think of your dad. We weren't on the best of terms. My mom died 3 years ago and that still hurts a lot. I find myself at the cemetary often.

#6 We don't have mush call for avalanche awareness here in flat old South Jersey. But lately it seems we need a politician picking my pocket awareness class.

#7 My mustache is about 50% gray. I had a full beard up until 2 years ago when the Mrs used my beard trimmer for something (unbeknown to me) and left it on the lowest setting. Good bye beard. I miss it though and may grow it back in - gray and all.

#12 My eyes are going too. Too much AutoCAD. I have a pair of 1.25s right now.

#13 When I was in my early 20s my younger brother got on this Sloe Gin kick for a while. Until he puked on the carpet at a friends brand new house warming party. That shit is permanent.

#14 Thanks for the complement and the link. It's a lot of work but very satisfying.

Have a great football weekend.

Jenny said...

I say Dude way too much too.

I watched HUMAN TARGET last weekend for the first time. It does not suck.

As for losing parents... I've been having a hard week. Someone (random) asked about my Dad recently and I found myself choked up when I answered their question. They truly never leave us and when by thinking of them, we're keeping them alive. *sigh*

Milk River Madman said...

Pam, how can you not like "Human Target". Hokey is great in this day and age. I'm all for seeing if Buzz can cook for 40+.

Moi, thanks for expanding my vocabulary by making me look up the definition of "patois" I was sure I had a pretty good idea but now that I know it, I will try to work it into a sentence today. Maybe at pool league tonight.

BK, I have 1.25's stashed everywhere. At work, in my truck, at BG's, in my bedroom plus my prescriptions that I do like better.

Boxer, you are right "Human Target does not suck"

Losing a parent is tough. But the memories stay every day and I know that not one of our parents would ever think about trading places with us. They did their jobs and are happy with the results. So we all have that going for us.