Friday, December 10, 2010

How hard is to get a journalism degree?

I hate the media.  Make no mistakes about it.  If Katie Couric was on a plane with Keith Olberman and it went down, let's just say I'm not volunteering to join the search and rescue party. They tow the liberal line lock, stock and barrel and you need to look no further than the current "tax cut" bill as proof.

When this bill was passed over 8 years ago, it was, and has been since, protrayed as a tax cut "for the rich". Even though it was across the board.  I knew this.  Anyone with an IQ bigger than my average golf score knew this but in the press it was always a tax cut for the rich.  Fast forward to six months ago.  The tax policy passed by GWB with biparitisan support is set to change at years end and guess what?  We find out that EVERYONE'S taxes are going up and not by a little bit. Really? 

Here's more great journalism.  President Teleprompter campaigned on repealing this law.  I've heard over a dozen soundbites from the campaign trail about "repealing the Bush tax cuts."  Now, after the ass kicking the libtards took in November he is singing a different tune.  The exact opposite in fact.  We need to extend this program for "middle America". The press is not taking him to task for it.  They act like it never happened.

My point in this disjointed rant is this:  How can we, the average citizen, expect to be informed and make the best decisions possible in choosing our candidates when the press is complicit in distorting the records of liberals?  I thought the job of journalists was to keep the government honest.  I guess that only happens when Republicans are in charge.

So my question is still this: how difficult is the curriculum in obtaining a degree in journalism? If you can lie and write complete sentences, believe in man-made global warming and hate America, do they just give you a diploma with honors?  Would the world cease to function if every journalists fell over dead?  

According to my limited research, you don't even have to have a degree in journalism to be considered a journalist.  I googled George Stephanopoulos and this is what pops up: "George Stephanopoulos (born February 10, 1961) is an American television journalist and a former political adviser" A journalist? Really?  It's funny because when I do a little more research, I found that he graduated with a degree in Politcal Science (equally as worthless as journalism, but it does require you to go to class.)  Is this only one example?  Yes, yes it is but isn't that enough?  I mean, I've seen a woman naked but that doesn't make me an OBGYN.

Here's the final proof of how worthless a degree in journalism is.  You can get one from the University of Montana.  That's right.  While MSU is graduated scientists and engineers, um is graduating journalists and "forest service" majors. It's just another reason that um can suck it.

I didn't start out writing this post to slam the other "university" in Montana.  That I was able to work it in is just a bonus.  God loves me.


moi said...

Are you watching CNN right now by any chance? Bill Clinton is doing O-bam-bam's job for him. Un-freakin-believable.

sparringK9 said...

stephapocalpse is a statist errand boy. i think journalism school involves mind control and blowing marxist professors. A's for everybody! the media are a delivery system for the State meme. worse than Pravda. we are in real trouble in 'merica. if they use Wikileaks as an excuse to regulate internet -were damned for real.

moi: last time they called in the first black pres he campaigned for libs running this past election. everywhere he went? they lost. people are waking up. too slow for my taste, but still.

Milk River Madman said...

Moi, I'm not watching CNN. Just finished with work and heading to have one with my friend Jon.

Chickory, amen on the "to regulate internet" comment. I'm still in shock that this guy won.

fishy said...
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fishy said...

"President Teleprompter" would be hilarious if it weren't so tragic.

Mermaid walked out of an international degree program for
corporate journalism because of the
anti-christ, anti-usa, control the world perceptions of reality mantra.
She was stunned by the evil of it.

In order for government to
"regulate the internet" , wouldn't that require they have smarter techies than the freedom lovers?
When have we ever had government people as good at what they do as the private sector? Yeah, that WOULD require change.

Jenny said...

I stopped watching ALL news about six months ago. We are sooooo proud of our right to "free speech" in this country. What.A.Joke. Only if you're speaking the right language.


Great theme for MCW, BTW!