Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back to the salt mine.

This is the route I travelled this weekend. The blue line is the road to Malta. 42 miles from town it was 30 degrees on my truck thermometer. When I pulled into town, it was -1. The red line is the return trip. Drove to Big Sandy on Sunday afternoon to play cards with Skeets and his family. Played pinochle and crib till midnight. Drove the rest of the way home yesterday. Total distance is around 670 miles.

This is the view from my sister's place in New Jersey. I think she lives about 75 miles north of Buzz. That's a lot of snow I don't care who you are.


Karl said...

Good afternoon MRM,

That's quite the cruise. As long as you had a good time that's what's important, not the length of the trip.

If the wind hadn't been blowing so hard, she would have probably had more snow. All the wind cuts and drifting made some interesting patterns.

Milk River Madman said...

Karl, It wasn't a bad drive at all. Love XM. I wonder how bad the people had it wear it settled from the wind.

Karl said...

That's the difference. Out there, you have open roads and great tunes. Here...we have people doing 60 in the left lane, while they text on their bleed'n cell phone. I have heard estimates of 36 inches.

I'll be up in the morning.

Jenny said...

I'm trying really hard to think/think/think of something for MCW.... but I have this PARTY I'm working on. I figured you'd take this week off?

670 miles is a lot of miles to travel, but if you have the right frame of mind and music, it can be a good trip. How's the weather in your world?

Milk River Madman said...

Open roads for sure, but before XM the trips were much longer. Not a lot of radio north of Big Timber and I only owned about four mix tapes and four others I could listen to front to back.

I thought about taking the week off but didn't know what kind of wrath I'd incure so picked an easy one. Better safe than sorry. Weather is good but going to get cold tomorrow night for a couple of days. Then back to mid 20's which is easy to take. Weather broke in Malta on Christmas Day (almost +30) so it was very pleasant. I expect a very light week for MCW.