Monday, September 13, 2010

The War Is Over!!!!

I'm so happy to announce that the war in Iraq and, soon, Afghanistan is over.  You see, after Pastor Olson changed his plans about burning the koran, the terrorists insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan saw it as the supreme gesture they've been waiting for that we really are a tolerant people and just want to co-exist in peace, you know, the way the moslems have been asking us to do.

You see, because Islamic apologist President Obama was able to stop this horrid and painful event from occurring, the insurgents have laid down their arms and are now helping our soldiers build roads, schools and hospitals.  They are feeding starving children. It's a beautiful sight.

I'm so ashamed that I ever thought that islam was so violent and hateful.  Afterall, I was only basing my opinion of 1400 solid years of murder, slavery, torture, etc. I didn't look deeper at a faith that has such great ideas as making women walk ten feet behind you, stoning them for adultery, honor killings, genital mutilation, chopping of limbs for theft.  This is all my mistake.  Why, the koran is so close to our own Constitution that I'm embarrassed that I caused such a stir with all the moslem apologists for my comments about the mosque. Very short sighted of me.

Speaking of that, build the mosque.  Build the temple to the destruction of the Twin Towers high and proud.  Let us always be reminded that it was our own fault that these honorable men flew jets into buildings.  We deserved it. We live free.

Let us never again remember the fallen of 9/11 with somber hearts and wet eyes.  Instead, let us chant "allah akbar" with our moslem brothers.  9/11 should be a time of celebration, not remembrance.  Afterall, we'll make both moslems AND liberals happy.  Its the latter who really want to forget about 9/11.  That's why you never see images of planes flying into buildings. EVER.  They'll replay images from Pearl Harbor, Nagasaki and Hiroshima every year, but not 9/11.  Is that because the don't like Japanese people? It has to be.  Or maybe its because Japanese people live in the 21st century.

Remember, this is a great country.  Liberals celebrate the right to put a Crucifix in urine and call it art, but will not have a koran burned. Liberals love to view an image of the Virgin Mary smeared in feces but will take to the streets to make sure there is a never an image of Muhammad portrayed. And liberals will surrender to terrorists, who have NEVER honored one agreement, and call it a victory

So, go celebrate my friends.  Celebrate that at long last this war is over.  A war we directly started by having the audacity to live free, despite liberals wanting us to live otherwise.

I was gone all weekend and was just now checking the internet.  I wrote this post on the assumption that our peaceful moslem brothers would do the right thing and lay down their arms but they aren't.  Actually, they're pretty pissed we would even think about burning the koran.  So nevermind I guess.  The religion of peace fools me once again.  Damn it.  This must be what the Jews in Gaza feel like. You know, they assume Hamas will keep its word but it never does.  I assumed the moslems would want to live in peace but they don't.  Hell, they even have different factions within the religion just so they can fight amongst themselves if there aren't and Christians or Jews about. 

As you were.


Pam said...

Religion of peace, my butt.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the link, but unfortunately it seems to be down... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answer to my post if you do!

I would appreciate if a staff member here at could post it.


Milk River Madman said...

There is no link with this post.

Karl said...

Good evening MRM,

I see you enjoyed his speech as much as I did.

By the way, the women choose to walk 10 feet behind. Best way to avoid snipers and land mines.

If you're still playing, I'm up. Jimmy Stewart

moi said...

Well, you know how I feel about Islam, but seriously, burning the Koran in protest is about as effective as spitting into a forest fire to put it out.

Fighting Islam must be done at the rational, mental level, not the emotional one. We won't win any hearts and minds by doing something so silly.

Aunty Belle said...

ya makes mah vicious ole heart sing. "1400 years of solid history" indeed.

but here's that thang--why ya reckon the libs INSIST on ignorin' that history?

True confessions, Aunty is such a relic that I applaud the Crusades--not the lootin' done by some of the rabble, but the original charge of the Crusades to admit that 300 years of tgryin to negotiate wif moslems hadn't worked, so go re-take the Holy Land that had been taken from the people in 697 AD,

The whole "Cordoba Initiative" is the worst sort of sham--there was no golden age of harmony among the Spanish conquered peoples and the moslems--the whole "initiative" is revisionist history --is we such a dumb thumb suckin' nation now that we cain't face that truth?


Aunty Belle said...

Guess what? yep--finally got mah act together and got a MCW up on time.