Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MCW theme for 9/29/10. "Famous/Popular movie I haven't seen but really should before I die because everyone tell's me it's great."

Welcome to Movie Clip Wednesday.  Boxer long ago gave me the keys to this car where I promptly drove it into the ditch but there's no looking back now.  Most of you know how it works but if you're new here (for which I greatly thank you) here's how it works.  A theme is picked each week.  You choose a movie to fit the theme and find a clip, preferably three minutes or less, and post it on your blog.  Announce in the comment section of this post that you are up and we'll come and pay you a visit.  It's simple really.

I have no words why I have never watched this.  I am prepared for the barage of dissappointment that is soon to follow.  *hangs head in shame and slowly walks away from computer as the screen fades to black*


Pam said...

Well, hmmmmmm. I actually am ambivalent about this movie because it departs from the book so much. Only lately have I been able to stomach it just because of (1) Clark Gable and (2) the time period when it was made. Over-acted and melodramatic, but probably all movies of the time were. But you need to sit through it at least once, definitely.

Buzz Kill said...

Well, I have words..."Chick Flick". I've never seen this all the way through because I got bored with it. Yeah, it's a classic and I almost went with this for my theme, but then I thought, "I really don't wan't to see this." Same with Citizen Cain and Casablanca. I just can't get through them.

But it is a classic and I guess it's worth it if you can sit through it.

I'm up at the Buzzkill with another classic I haven't seen because "I'm just a bum." I'll be around tonight to visit everyone.

Happy MCW!

Karl said...

Good morning MRM,

I've seen the movie, just not all at once. Like Buzz, I can't sit through the whole thing at one time.

Enjoy your clip day.

moi said...

GWTW is one of the greatest books ever written and the film, despite its length, just doesn't do justice to its sweeping themes. Although, Clark Gable is kind of a hottie.

Anonymous said...

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