Friday, September 24, 2010

Just a couple thoughts and Bobcat pregame.

So yesterday I took my great friend EJ golfing for his birthday.  Long story short, he got me on a scramble team for the annual Sonny Holland Classic at Valley View Golf Club.  The irony is that I played on a team of guys who sit right behind me at Bobcat home games. We took second.  It was a great day.  Like EJ says "you only have to know one guy and that guy is me."  True words.

So I'm whipped.  Spent the night at EJ's house.  He cooked a great steak.  I spent most of the evening playing with his soon to be two-year-old daughter.  Drank some Crown and red wine and took advantage of his guest room. 5Wood made it as well.  Played the back nine with us and partook in the festivities.

Here are a couple of thoughts.

When you are playing in a scramble with guys who hit is 300+ off the tee, swing your ass off.  I haven't hit the ball this far in 10 years and it's because we had two guys who absolutely piss pound the ball from the tee. It let me just let it all hang out and I did. Good times.

There are only a few women on the planet who can wear hip-huggers. They know who they are. The rest of you please stop. There are plenty of very nice pants you can wear, just don't wear those.

If you don't believe about the 300 yard thing here's a story.  The seventh hole at VVGC is a par four.  Hard dog-leg right with a pond on the right as well as out of bounds on the right.  The pond runs short of the front of the green.  It's about a 280 carry. There is no way I can even think about driving it to there.  Rem says to me "Chipper, just put one out there about 200." Me "You're going to try to drive the green?"  Rem " Oh yeah.  Me and Z are will go for it."  Me "You're shitting me?"  Rem, looking at me like I have three heads and smiling, "No.  Just hit one safe".  I kind of did.  Z sprayed on out of bounds.  Oly and Emmer both put one in the pond. Rem hits an iron to about 120 yards.  I go first and hit my best iron of the day. Pin high and about 12 feet from the cup. Emmer hits next.  We had an order and kept it all day.  Catches it a little heavy but it two hops right in the hole for a two.  Are you shitting me?  After 7 holes of golf we were 9 under par. You read that right.

We cooled off a bit after that but finished 15 under.  Took second and I won $50 bucks in the pro shop. Bought EJ's wife a nice shirt with my winnings. She always takes care of me and there wasn't one thing in there that I didn't already have.

It's the most fun in a scramble I've ever had.  I was the high handicapper (19.3) and knew someone would always have my back so I swung out of my ass.  God, it was so fun to just step up and swing that hard.  I didn't hit every fairway but hit every ball right in the face.  Chipped in for a birdie on the first hole we played and was "on the team."

Your Montana State University Bobcats have Eastern Washington tomorrow.  EW beat the grizzlies last weekend.  Pardon my french but that was FUCKING AWESOME.  If you get a chance to watch EWU play on their new red turf don't do it. It's hideous. 

Anyway, the Cats will have their hands full tomorrow with the Eagles and Taiwan Jones.  He's a stud and should be banned from playing in this conference. How he isn't playing D-1 is beyond me.  I like our chances but won't make a prediction.

The griz have Sac State.  griz looked lackluster in Cheney in their loss. They jumped on EWU 14-0 and then pissed all over themselves. I was very happy.

Malta has Harlem tonight and should win 150-0.

Notre Dame is 1-2.  They are slooooooooooooooow on defense.  I don't know who they play nor do I care.  All I know is that they are almost out of bowl contention already I love.  Take that back. They play my Stanford Cardinal.  Why isn't that plural? 

Alabama crushes whoever they are playing.

Couple more thoughts.

Life is good for me.  It doesn't always work out the way I want (see BG) but I still have it better than most.  I have good job that I like, I nice comfortable house. Not debt except a mortgage. The best friends on the planet.

Niece Sidney calls me tonight. She started kindergarten a couple of weeks ago. For show and tell this past week she brought in a little stuffed animal.  "Champ" the Bobcat mascot.  I gave it to her for Christmas last year.  "This is Champ.  He's the Bobcat mascot. I love the Bocats. They are a good football team.  My Uncle Chip gave this to me and I'm going to watch them play with him."  Sister-in-law said that she's been wanting to call me for three days to tell me about Champ.

Yes, I'm having a Crown. It's Friday for crying out loud.  Did I tell you that my scramble team took second?   Oh, that's right.

Wow, I had a little more to say than I thought.  Of course, I usually do.

One more thing, the firefighters from Malta were honored at the football game tonight.  As well as the crews from Chinook and Glasgow.  Both of the other towns are 70 miles away.  Brother Pat told me that they put the call out to those guys to come and relieve them. Both crews showed up and stood watch.  Pat said their response time was great as was their work.

I brag about Malta and the Hi-Line constantly as you all know.  When a crisis like this happens and you see the response, it's not really bragging.  It's just how we do things up there. I will never be from Bozeman. It's just where I live.  Malta is home. Always has been, always will be.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.


Pam said...

Awww, fun on the scramble. I used to play with a group that had a double-par rule. Once you hit double-par (par 3 = six strokes), you took a swig of beer for every stroke thereafter. Made the game much more enjoyable.

But, an Abba tribute band? I think BG must be involved because no man would come up with that on his own. However, sounds like fun to me!

Milk River Madman said...

BG was not involved (we are on "a break" her words). One of my good friends wives wanted to go. Her husband hates ABBA, I on the other hand love them. The venue was awesome. A little theater in Billings that seats about 1200 with awesome acoustics.