Friday, September 17, 2010

Tomorrow is Bobcat Victory Day.

So last week I almost had a cincofecta.  Malta won, crushing defending state champion Huntley Project 27-18 with 354 rushing yards. Notre Dame losing to Michigan. Two hapless teams trying to be .500 this year. Bama "rolling" over Joe "I dont know what the fuck is even going on anymore" Paterno and Penn State. The minions of hell from Missoula losing to my Cal Poly Mustangs. I'm 4 for 4.

Then the Cats let me down. Not really. They played a D-I school to the wire. They led in every category.  Some questionable play calling at the end cost the game.  We could have and should have won. This team,and our quarterback, are fucking awesome. I said earlier that our season begins next week with Eastern Washington. I have no doubt that the Bobcats are going to PUNISH Drake tomorrow. Then, bring on EWU who have the grizzlies.

Cats 40 The Drake 10.

Meanwhile in the pit of Mount Doom

The frizzlies lost to my Cal Poly Mustangs.  Maybe this offense isn't that great.  griz fans have been bragging about how good their defense will be. "We'll shut out at LEAST seven team this year.  Well maybe if your offense doesn't suck. This is a good griz team. Make no mistakes. CP is good as well. Coach Fluff has instilled Don Read's offense without the talent so we will see how far that takes them. Let's not forget that the year that Read won his only national championship, his defense was the best in the nation. Right now, they aren't the best in the conference. That can change. I've said before, the griz have a mystique. They know how to win. They are going to have a tough game in Cheney tomorrow but I don't count them out. I'm rooting for the Eagles all the way mind you. I hope it's a bruiser because we have EDub next week.

Malta rolls, The Tide rolls as well. The slow, trudging Irish drunks win.

That's it for now.

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