Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Top Chef - It's barely worth the time

After my mosque post, I'm a little skittish. Afterall, if they're asked to make a traditional Islamic dish I'm fucked. Proper fucked. Hopefully they'll be asked to make loaves and fishes.

Alex is a douchebag.

The quickfire is a mystery box blah blah blah. I'm predicting Angelo.  He is the most creative chef left. The others are playing checkers while he is playing chess. Watch out for Tiffany though. More on why later.

Some hippie is the guest judge. But he's well respected by the contestants so he mus be somebody. Nice burns.

Tiffany wins the QF and 10k for the second week in a row.  Wedding is more than paid for.

The elimination challengs is to cook for the CIA and Leon "I'm a fucking waste of skin" Panetta. There isn't a person reading this that couldn't whip his candy ass. I thought Barry was going to bring in new people. Guess not. I doubt with extreme prejudice that if John " I'm not a republican" McCain would have won that Top Chef would be in DC.  Just sayin.

How convenient that Panetta gets a note that there are "pressing matters".  Notice it came after ALL the dishes were served. Not staged. Nope!! Not at all.

Alex sucked. Hooray!

I love the Nurvaring commercials. Lots of hot babes in swimsuits. Yowzaa!  Not trying to be a superficial man or anything.

The contestants are talking about what Panetta knows. This fuckstick doesn't even know his way home.

Tiffany, Kelly and Ed make the cut.  Tiffany wins the EC. There is her honeymoon. A trip to Moscow East I mean Paris.  She is the season's winner. Don't believe me? Remember her Obama comment in Episode 1? Just wait and see.

If Angelo goes home I'll quit blogging about Top Chef until Tiffany wins. Ooops. Mine-Me is hardest on Alex. He's your loser.

Angelo takes his shit like a man. I'm impressed. Didn't think he had it in him.

Alex goes home. Finally. He didn't say a word about the relationships he's built. A reflection of who he is perhaps?


Buzz Kill said...

I didn't like the quickfire at all. It was a stupid challenge designed for failure.

The hippie was Wylie Dufresne and he's one of those Molecular Gastronomy guys. I've seen him on TCMasters and Iron Chef. He seems very good and he's pretty funny - as chefs go.

I think it's going to be Angelo, Tiffany and Kevin in the finals. Angelo is looking more like a drug addict that's coming apart. And Kevin's arogance will be his downfall. So I look for Tiffany to win. I really had my money on Kenny to win it all.

Milk River Madman said...


Angelo is kind of reminding me of that chick from last year that was winning everything in sight and at about the same time as now started falling apart.

fishy said...

Wylie isn't a hippie. He is elite enough to be allowed eccentricity at an early age!

Somehow, this season, none of these cheftestants strike me as being as knowledgeable or as creative as past seasons. In fact I think most would have been eliminated fairly early had they competed against past rosters.

Alex misunderstood was a farsical premise! He stole that pea puree and he did not create a restaurant wars dish. And ... he cannot cook.

I won't miss "the beast" either and hopefully, next week, I-always-had-a-secret-wish-to-be-a-spy Amanda will be jettisoned.

Angelo unraveled isn't a pretty sight although he does not really remind me of Jen in withdrawal.

I could never do one of these compeptition shows! You have to live with the enemy, forgo personal space,maintain a grueling schedule, learn to work under the pressure of lights , camera and millions of daily critics! I get cranky after 5 days if I can't have sufficient solitary time. It is extremely hard to be creative on demand in these conditions. If Angelo is the most creative chef there then it is also likely he is the most susceptible to the stresses of the environment.

I'm thinking Angelo, Ed and Tiffany for the final.

Milk River Madman said...

Agree on virtually all the points. One of the things I've noticed in the 3 or so seasons I've been watching is that the person most comfortable in their own skin and just focuses on themselves is usually in the top 2 or 3. That is definately Tiffany this year.

Her mental outlook, which is evident when she is commenting, is always positive and her focus is on her dish, not what someone is is doing. I'm enjoying more than the rest. Put them all together and you might be able to make one personality.

fishy said...

An agreeable man?
What a find!!!!!!

Milk River Madman said...

Tell your friends!! I'm low maintenance, debt free (except for my house) and make a nice living.