Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Don't worry Vikings fans, the season hasn't started yet.

Brett Favre is retiring again. Yaaaaaaaawwn.  Last week everyone at the "worldwide leader" was reporting that Favre was definately coming back.  His ankle surgery was successful, he was throwing with the high school kids, his wife renewed her gym membership in Minneapolis.  Everything indicated Brett "Imadouche" Favre would be back.  Now ESPN is reporting that Favre is texting teammates saying he won't be back.

Last year I wrote about Favre and was pretty close to spot on.  The Vikings went deeper in the playoffs than I thought they would but that was as much their defense as anything.  Favre had a better year than I expected as well but in the end, they didn't go to the superbowl.  He still only has one Superbowl.  Kurt Warner has one and has played in three, one more the Favre.

Here's the deal.  Until the opening kickoff of this season, don't believe that Favre won't be back.  He's the biggest prima donna in all of sports right now.  The BIGGEST and has been for 10 years.  No one likes to see his face on TV or read his name in the paper more than Favre.  He'll have his two weeks of press, show up and be all "aw shucksy".  Everyone will at ESPN will treat him like just developed the formula for cold fusion and he'll have a great year and the Vikings will be tough as hell.

Then I'll wait until next August to repost this blog and the other one from 2009.

And if I'm wrong and he doesn't play this season, well, the NFL will survive.  John Madden and Peter King will have to be put on round the clock watch but other than that, we'll all be just fine.


Big Shamu said...

Brett is pretty ego-centric but I don't know if he's the worst? Top Ten yes but with guys like TO, The Brothers Manning, Randy Moss, and Mr. Prime Time himself, Deion Sanders I think Brett needs to work a little harder. Perhaps an MTV reality show?

Buzz Kill said...

There's nothing sadder in sports than when a star refuses to retire. We have Jamie Moyer from the Phillies who pitched well this year until he had season ending elbow problems. And he thinks he'll be back next year - at 48. Go out on top of your game and move on.

Milk River Madman said...

Big Shamu, everyone you mentioned gets taken to task for putting themselves in the limelight, with Farva its celebrated. IMO.


I think its the perfect time for Jamie to retire. I think that Farvabean can still play but I also firmly believe he loves to see himself be the lead story on sportscenter and in the news, etc. Just a complete narcissist who gets a pass by the WWL. He's as big a punk as TO ever thought of being.