Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Top Chef - Who won the baseball game?

I don't really feel like blogging.  Especially about Top Chef.  They should play this season in front of spies to get them to talk.  "I TELL YOU EVERYTHING, JUST PLEASE TURN IT OFF!"

I'm not going to break down tonight's episode very much.  The chef's cooked at the ballpark of the Washington Nationals.  I'm a big baseball fan. It's evident by the books in my house, the things hanging on my walls and the logo of the Cincinnatti Reds tattooed on my ankle.  Ralph, Jimmy and I all have our teams tattooed in the same spot. Left ankle.  Jimmy and I had decided to do it together and then he went and did it without me.  Traitor!  Then on Ralph's 38th birthday the three of us were in Billings. Ralph's wife was out of town. He says "I need to do something while Anjie is gone" Before I could stop myself ( which is a huge affliction I suffer from) I said " Let's get tattoos".  Ralph " GREAT IDEA!".  The next morning we got inked. Jimmy has four or five now.  It's a cool thing.  He's an elementary school teacher.  He also has enough tattoos to officially work in a carnival.  That's how they get hired.  You walk into the carney union hall and if you have enough ink done, you're hired on the spot.  He does have all of his teeth though but they look past that when they see the cutthroat trout on his right shoulder.  Or the logo fromt he University of Wyoming where he received his masters. Or the tribute to his late parents. Or the logo of Eastern Montana College where both he and his daughter graduated.  But I digress.

The food was great.  I'm rooting for Tiffany.  She is fun and a great cook.  Most of all she is honest and doesn't spend her time running other people into the ground.  I respect and admire that so I'm cheering for her. Despite the fact that she's an Obama lover.  Ed is coming on though and is one to keep your eye on.

Angelo is starting to feel the pressure. Amanda shouldn't wear pants like she had on at the food market.  Sorry honey, you don't have the hips or ass to be dressing like that.

Anyway, food was tasted, Amanda is going home and after watching this all I wanted to know was who won the ballgame.  God how this season is boring.

The ballplayers they brought in to meet the chef's were all big dudes.  Adam Dunn (former Red) is 6'5".  Standing next to Tom he looked eight feet tall.


fishy said...

The right chef won.
The right chef got eliminated.
I slept in the middle.
Too bad , the challenge concept was a great idea. Maybe the chefs are not rising to the opportunities because they are just too tired to think. Weird choice of judges for ballpark cuisine.

Milk River Madman said...

Fishy, Amen to the "weird judges' comment. Frenchy didn't even have a beer. That's what kind of got to me about them slamming Angelo's "soggy bun" so hard. JHC, have they ever been to a ballpark. I think if Angiebaby did that over again and used a tortilla, he'd be in the top.

5Wood said...

A little side note... Adam Dunn spent a year playing right here in Billings, MT for the Mustangs...