Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just call him Spicoli

After watching Sean Penn's interview about Haiti yesterday I couldn't help but wonder to myself, "Why does his opinion matter about who the leader is going to be?"  Afterall, Penn is just an actor.  He gets paid a lot of money to pretend to be someone he isn't so where does he get off having being able to tell the people of Haiti who they should or should not vote for.  Go back to your mansion, quit pretending to be some kind of do-gooder just so you can see your name on the news.  What, are you Bret Favre's cousin or something.  No on gives a ratsass what you have to say Sean.  You'll always be Spicoli to me.

1 comment:

Ralph said...

My favorite Spicoli moment is the classroom scene. "Having some pizza and learning about Cuba"