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Streets where I have lived.

The Hotfessional has a list of streets where she has lived so far in her life.  As I am void of any original thought, I thought I'd post a list as well.   Got nothin else to do.

5th Avenue West - One of Ray Benson's rental houses.  It seemed so much bigger than it is here. I fell off the railing on the porch trying to climb up on the roof when I was five. Greenstick fracture on my right wrist.  I wasn't supposed to be crawling up there. I was with Delmer and we had been told to stay off the roof.  I told Mom that my brother Bill pushed me off the porch so I wouldn't get in trouble.  I came clean when I graduated from college in 1992.  My brother never ratted me out.  I think it was on 5th Avenue West.  The porch is enclosed now.  Delmer tried to keep my from crying by feeding me Spree candies.  It didn't work.

4th Street West - Still my favorite of all time.  This house was huge.  My dad built a bedroom in the basement.  Sister LP had the room first.  Then sister Scooch.  Then, finally me.  I loved that room.  I remember waiting for KMMR to switch from their country format at 10 PM to play one hour of pop music.  Played a lot of dart baseball down there as well.  The basement was huge.  Brother Bill and I had many, many GI Joe adventures there.  The yard was huge and I had to mow it every Saturday for my allowance.  In the summer, Bill and I would sit in the front porch and drink lemonade and read comic books.  Good times.  Almost getting myself misty eyed over here. My dad built the picket fence himself to keep the high school kids from cutting across our lawn at lunch time.  It was built in 1969.  I don't care what you say, that's craftsmanship.

Highway 2 East -  The Big Sky Motel.  When I was a junior in high school, my Mom bought a motel.  What a huge mistake.  She always wanted to own a motel.  Only her and God know why.  I hated my room.  I hated being next to the train tracks.  It was a pain in the ass.  Two bathrooms and only one shower. I just didn't like it. 

Sixth Street East- Phillips Village.  My first apartment.  John Smith (no shit, real name) had been fighting with his parents. Me and Alvina aka Mom hadn't been seeing eye-to-eye either.  John and I started talking about getting our own place but hadn't finalized anything.  I went deer hunting with Loren Johnson and Dave Schwartz one Sunday.  When I got home my Mom was yelling and crying at me as soon as I walked in the door.  You see, John had had enough with his folks and went and rented an apartment.  Then he came over to my mom's house.  He knew I was hunting so he moved my stuff out for me.  Nice guy 'cept I'd like to have told my Mom BEFORE he came over.  The drinking age was 19 back then and so were we.  Many parties at the old basement joint in  Phillips Village.  I remember the time I came home from Billings and brother Bill was passed out in my bed.  Too many slow gin fizzes and I had the carpet stains to prove it.  John bringing having a dalliance or two when I was out of town and using my bedroom. He'd laugh and I'd be fucking steaming.  *sigh*  Good times.

Highway 2 East, (again) - What do you want me to say here?  That I was happy that I had to move home?  Well, I wasn't.  I was pissed.  Mom wanted me home but I went kicking broke the entire way.  John had moved out and I was partying too much and spending too much money.  So I went home, but with a plan.

Sixth Street East, (again) - Wait a second!  Its not what you think.  Phillips Village was on the 900 block.  This place was on the 200 block.  MY OWN HOUSE.  I bought a house in 1984 when I was 21 and making $5.50 and hour.  I paid $3,000.00 down and the owners financed the balance at 8% for 20 years.  My payment was $197.00 a month.  If I still lived in Malta I would have paid for that house 6 years ago. I moved my dad in with me.  He was good company and I think it added 10 years to his life. He had a yard, and lilacs.  He built a deck in the back.  Got to watch the Cubs every day. Was a block from the high school for basketball games.  It was awesome.  Actually, this house has an entire story of its own.  It's a good story of the human spirit and how there are still many kind, wonderful people in the world.  I'll tell it later.  Anyway, here is a picture of what the house looks like now.  It's a pretty little thing. Oh and for the record I'm fortyfuckingseven now.

North Hedges, Montana State University - One quarter there.  Had a corner room to myself then they gave me a roommate. I had to take him or pay more money.  Chad something or other was his name.  Nice enough kid.  Had a bit of a BO problem but my nose isn't that good so it didn't really bother me but guys on the floor were constantly putting deodorant in his mail box. And calling him "Stinky".  He never did get the hint.

Dickerson - I answered a room mate wanted ad and moved in with Jason F. and Mark K.  Good, good times once we got to know each other. Only one quarter here as well but more fun than stomping on baby ducks.

West 15th Avenue - Moved in with Scotty R from Malta (1980).  Was there for 2 years.  The rent was cheap and Scott spent a summer in Europe. 1989.  Holy shit was THAT fun.  I was making pretty good money for the time.  Riding my bike to work and eating turkey sammiches for lunch.  Not to save money for college but to party man!  I had the place to myself.  Eric's girl friend at the time, Joey (really her name is Joey) had a couple of friends and we went out on the town. A lot.  Now, nothing much ever happened and it wasn't from a lack of trying on my part but it was fun nonetheless.  One week night, I'm laying in bed and I can here these three girls giggling.  It's about 11.  Pretty soon Joey is giggling and whisper-yelling "Chippy!  Chippy !Come out and play!"    I'm laying there.  No way am I going out at 11.  What the fuck?  Was that my door opening?  I could have sworn I locked it.  Click!!  Lights on my bedroom, Darla pulling the covers off me, Joey and, shit, can't remember her name, Cindy I think, going through my dresser for clothes.  Me getting dressed and going out till 4 AM.  I think I made out with Darla that night.  It was the only action I ever got from her or Cindy but what the hell.  Good, good memories.

South Bozeman Avenue - Rented this little house right before I got married to Sybil, I mean Jennifer.  Nice place. Sybil Jenny and I divorced after a short time and Eric and Monika moved in.  This would be the first time the three of us lived together.  Monika is my little sister now.  Love her to death.  They were married after a brief 13 year courtship and I was there for all of it.  Now they have little Danika and she is cute as pie.  Anyway, Monika kept leaving the curtains open for her plants and it would get hot as hell in my room because of it.  I asked her not too but she wouldn't listen so one day after she left for work, I pulled the curtains shut and put drywall screws in them for her to get the hint.  When I got home they were WFO and had the screws to keep them open.  God damn it do we laugh at that now.  Stayed there three years.

Huffine Lane - The trailer.  Yup. I bought a trailer.  I actually bought Skeets' little brother's share of a trailer he owned with his sister and cousin.  I eventually bought them all out.  I stayed there 8 years.  It was a good trailer. 16 x 70.  Only froze up twice while I was there.  Not to cold in the winter.  Like being in "the box" in The Bridge on the River Kwai in the summer.  It was only 5 minutes from work so I was able to go home for lunch almost every day.  What a cool thing. Eric and Monika lived here with me while they were having there house built.

Pebble Brook Lane - I bought a townhouse in 2001.  I wanted a condo but my dog wouldn't let me buy one.  She wanted a yard.  So I moved to Belgrade and bought my little townhouse.  1250 square feet.  A nice little yard.  Its perfect.  I can mow it during cautions when I'm watching NASCAR  I can't park my truck in the garage as the garage is too small.  I think it's specked for a Yugo.  Anyway, I haven't done a lot to it.  I did a little landscaping last year and plan on doing a little more in the back yard this year.  Little sister Marian is living with me now and my old dog is still hanging in there.  So those are my streets and tales.  Thanks again to Ree, the Hotfessional for the inspiration.


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