Friday, April 30, 2010

What a Friday

I'll be honest.  Its tough to upset me on a Friday.  I will intentionally avoid any kind of situation that might ruin Friday.  If a customer is having a problem that can wait til Monday, then he's going to wait.  Today looked like it could be screwed from the beginning.  I walked out to start my truck and there was a couple inches of snow on the ground.  Its chilly out obviously.  I've put my broom back in the garage which is stupid.  I've lived in Montana my entire life and seen snow every month including July and August.

 Anyway, I climbed into my truck and started it.  This is where I almost gagged.  "Mr. Roboto" was playing on the radio.  This is the song that ruined Styx and is why Dennis DeYoung needs an ass kicking.  It still kind of pisses me off.  So after I brushed the snow off my windshield, I decided to head to work.  "Mr. Roboto" was ending and then the day turn completely around.  That's right sportsfans.  Styx was followed by Rick James and "Superfreak".  Two great lyrics by Rick James "She says I'm her all time favorite" and "Temptations sing"  Powerful stuff. This was followed by Talking Heads "And she was".  Its a great song.  Great beat.  Stupid Talking Heads lyrics.  The whole nine yards. 

XM Radio is effing awesome.

So here's a couple of videos for ya.  Happy Friday MoFo's.  Closing the biggest sale of my career today and then I'm going to be drinking some Crown Royal!  Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!  Also, click here for a short Styx playlist.  Goddam commies at playlist didn't have much to choose from.    The ground is white, I can't see the Bridgers and its still awesome.

Here's some Rick James.


Jenny said...

ahahaha. I so agree. I move everything to Monday. My favorite line?

"can this wait until Monday?"

Have a great weekend and thanks for the tunes. Also, congrats on the Haiku win.

Milk River Madman said...

Thanks Boxer.

Pam said...

I need satellite radio. I wonder if you can block Styx forever? I agree that song ruined them. I can't bear to hear it either. Domo origato my as***.