Friday, April 30, 2010

Changing the face, maybe.

So I want to put a question out there for the people who read this.  When I started this crappy blog it was going to be about politics and Bobcat football  and maybe some other things.  Yet when I write about my life and stories I get the biggest response.  I have a thousand (well maybe not that many) but a lot of stories about growing up in Malta.  Whenever I write those I get many comments about them. The problem is that most of my stories have more than a fair share of alcohol involved.  Its how we grew up. 

Here's an example.  Back in the day when The Prodigy used to work with me, we'd be out having a beer and I'd tell a story.  Finally TP looks at me and says "Do all your stories start out with 'this one time Ralph and Danny and I grabbed a 12 pack?'"  I said most of them did because that's what we did.  Then my high school buddy Lips came to Bozeman. TP, Will, Lips and I went out for some beers.  Lips was on a run and would say, "You remember that time you, me and Jim grabbed a 12 pack and went.......?"  TP looks at me and says "His stories start just like yours."

Life was different back then. In small town Montana we drank and drove.  Things didn't get out of hand but that was the life we led.  Most times someone was always in control and could run the wheel but not always.  My question is this for my non-Montana readers, do you want to hear about these stories?  No one was hurt. Yes at times we were not very responsible but we have become that way but these stories are good.  It's what I want to write about. My life.  My great friends who I grew up with and still to this day hang with. They are the best friends any man  could ever hope to have and I'm lucky enough to have them.

My problem is that I have some great readers from all over the country who I don't know from Adam.  My blog is the worst of the bunch from the people I follow yet they read me.

My stories will be long but after a couple you will know all the players. Ralph, Delmer, Jimmy, Dan, Adrian and many others.. The entire lot. God but I have great friends.

We've known each other since we were 4 or 5.  We graduate from Malta together.  We've been in each other's weddings and helped each other bury a parent. I want to blog about the times we've had.  Do you want to read about it is the question.

I don't want anyone to quit because it's boring.  I'll keep doing what else I do but want to share this life with you all.  I can't imagine even being here without them.

I'll even re-post some stories some of you have never read which are pretty good.

Your thoughts.


Pam said...

Hey Milky, it is your blog, write about what you want! I view my page as a way of sharing memories for my kid. If no one else ever reads it, that is fine by me. I think a lot of my stories with friends start the same way --- maybe not grabbed a 6 pack but am sure many involved a bit of alcohol .... it is how memories are made ;)

Tanaya said...

I love your Malta stories. They remind me of my own growing up years a little later, in a smaller town and in a time when everbody wasn't so worried about being politically correct. I say, "Rock on!"

Tanaya said...

I also forgot to say, "Bad decisions make great stories!"