Monday, April 12, 2010

The Battle from Gary's Canyon

I began the 2010 golf season this year much like I have the last 15 by making a trip to Sheridan, Wyoming to play a minimum of 36 holes on Masters Saturday and watching the final round Sunday with The Prodigy.  Our tradition is more expensive for me now as we have added a bottle of scotch to the mix on the first 18.  This is a portion of the bet that I have not been able to capitalize on.  No one to blame but myself.  This picture is me in "Gary's Canyon".  So named for my brother-in-law who evidently had a habit of hitting it here.  A lot!  This is after my tee shot on the 256 yard par three 15th hole. 

I would like to say that I was able to scramble for a bogey from here but alas, I scummed it around to a double.  TP made a par and as he was dormy from the tee box, had sealed up the scotch for a third straight year.  I didn't double or nothing it like a did last year and ended up buying a pretty expensive bottle of 16 year old Aberlour.  This year he'll be lucky if he gets a 4 year old bottle of Dewars. He played great, I played good, we had tons of fun like we always do.  The Masters in Sheridan, a tradition unlike any other.

(Five-Wood, don't even think about lipping off about my golf game.  Until you win our late summer "Battle for the Cap",  you just stay humble.)

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