Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Poems: They do not know.


Strings of pearls, about her neck
and her hair falls gently down.
Diamonds in soft, sweet lobes
Setting off her gown.

She makes her way across the floor
Her locks softly flowing.
All eyes agaze at her beauty
Her midnight blue dress flowing.

The dark soft hair it hangs,
so softly on her shoulders.
No on notices what she wears
But so subtly it smoulders.

All dressed up, she slowly waits
And receives more than a glance.
Many suitors search for courage
And hoping for a chance.

Her smile lights up the room
And yet they all ponder.
"What's a girl have to do?
To get a dance?" She wonders.

They do not know, the power
They have upon us men.
Sometimes we are so frightened
So they go home alone, again.

CG 2/21/06

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