Friday, October 9, 2009

Really Oslo??

So, President Teleprompter is the Noble Peace Prize winner. Wow! North Korea and Iran are becoming nuclear powers. Afghanistan is a mess. The economy is still crap and we are going to have socialized medicine. My question is this: who was the president up against? Ryan Seacrest? Lady Gaga? Jon and Kate?

Honestly, how in the hell does this borderline imbecile win this award? Interesting way to start the day. It matches the three inches of snow and 18 degrees on the thermometer. I hate starting my Friday with "how long til Happy Hour?" but it looks like its going to be a long one.


5Wood said...

A friend of mine said, it like awarding the Cy Young to the dude who threw out the first pitch on opening day. It is just more proof that this will be a long 3.25 years.

Any word on if you're the father of Padme's baby. She's keeping it secret. Just wondering who that lucky s.o.b. is.

Tanaya said...

I always thought they gave those away on merit...guess I was wrong. Oh well, not the first time and certainly not the last. And yes, I'm a big enough person to say that, unlike most liberals.

On a different note, did you read about Penelope Trunk? Go google her and let us know what you think. I can hardly wait.

Kymical Reactions said...

here is where my confusion lies...

apparently the candidate submission deadline was 11 days after he took office. 11 days. WTF???? 11 days??

What did president teleprompter do in those 11 days that earned him the Nobel Peace Prize? Yet a better question, What the heck was he doing BEFORE those 11 days (I mean other than campagining for 2 years) that was contributing to World peace?

I like to think I am fairly up to date on things of that nature, and I honestly had never heard the name Barak Obama until his presidential campaign started.

:::shakes head in mild disgust:::

Milk River Madman said...


Wow. She is a little off center. I will definately give her a harder look and makes some comments. Thanks for the tip.

Pam said...

Funniest comment on my Facebook page this week:

**This just in! Obama for Heisman!***

h said...

Are you rooting FOR Jabba-The-Coach and Notre Dame this weekend?