Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Homecoming and some ramblings

I'm on the road most of this week. Going out in the great state of Montana to see if we can drum up some business so I have to post stuff now as I'll be too swamped Friday when I get back and I'm too cheap to own a laptop so I can't blog from the remoteness of my hotel rooms this week.

First, the Cats had a huge win against Weber this week in Ogden. Although the defense gave up almost 500 yards they came up big in the redzone only letting WSU score once in six trips. I still do not like our pass coverage. Way to soft everywhere, the middle, the edges, the seams. Name it. The Cats need to rush more than four or at least mix in some stunts. When they brought five or blitzed, the completion percentage was way down and turnovers were caused.

Its a big test this weekend against Northern Arizona. The Lumberwussies pissed one down their legs against the dark pink of missoula and squeaked one out against Northern Colorado last week. The Cats have always had a difficult time with NAU. They've also had a tough time following up a big win with a big win. This is a huge, and I mean HUGE game. A must win!! hahahahaha. Honestly though, the only way they make the playoffs is run the table. Big chance for this to be a statement game for the Cats. If they hand NAU their asses and send them home with a big beat down, there will be fear instilled in the rest of our opponents.

Before anyone starts getting big bulges in their pants for Bret Favre's performance last night on MNF, let me just say that there are at least 10 QB's in the NFL that could have done as well if not better than Asshat did last night. Honestly, it was as if Mike McCarthy and the Packers took a dive to apologize. I don't remember a game in my recent memory where the pass rush was as none existent as it was last night from the Packers. I was going to root for the Pack this year but after that pathetic showing, I'd rather watch my Rams complete their perfect 0-16 season.

On those same lines, Aaron Rodgers is a stud!!! Dude got sacked 8 times and still threw for almost 400 yards. McCarthy not kicking the field goal early was as stupid as the people who voted for Obama and it really changed the game late. Rodgers will be fun to watch but the Packers, who really haven't been significant for most of the last ten years, will always be 8-8 as long as McCarthy is running the show. Too bad for Rodgers. He'd look great in blue and gold.

Now that Chicago won't get the Olympics, I wonder if Obama will tend to more important matters, like the war and job creation. Maybe this is all a hoax. Maybe the puppeteers who got Obama elected are keeping him at all these ribbon cutting ceremonies so that the real man in charge can run the country. That man: Joe Biden. I can almost believe that.

When Michelle Tafoya, who knows nothing about football and isn't any fun to look at, kept after Favre last night about the "revenge" factor, I was just waiting for Favre to look at her and say "Hey Michelle, get in the kitchen and make me a pie!" Give him a break already.

Insert in Missoula. (This item temparily out of stock.)

The griz draw a tough one this week in the Cal Poly Mustangs. The Mustangs are ranked anywhere from 13th to 15th depending upon which poll you are reading. The minions of hell are coming off a bye week. I like CP's chances except that Missoula always cheats at home and the refs are bought and paid for so they will have to work extra hard to win this one.

Homecoming parade in Missoula

Yep. That looks like lots of fun. Remember, Cal Poly's school colors are green and gold so wear a little of that somewhere on Saturday with your blue and gold. Go CP Mustangs.

In case most of you don't know, I'm not a huge fan of Notre Dame. They got so lucky last week. Hey, when Ralph is telling me how lucky ND is then you know it's true. They get a week off before USC comes into Southbend.

So, I just returned from a bid opening at a neighboring county. During the course of the meeting the commissioners decided to create an HRDC position and begin advertising. This is a position that currently does not exist. Though my bid was lowest by $24,000.00 it was awarded to one of my competitors for various reasons that I obviously do not agree with. 24 large is a lot of cake and would go a long way toward paying for this new position. Though the rules were followed, the bid process was still circumvented. I never had a chance. The decision to purchase had been made and only the formality of the bid invitations remained. It is what is wrong with politics at every level. The citizens of Madison County got screwed today and they don't even know it.

Glasgow squeaked by Malta 13-7. That sucks. I hate Glasgow.

All right things to do and miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep.


Kymical Reactions said...

I became a secondhand Viking fan when they aquired AD. That kid is a stud, possibly the best running back ever.

I hope your team crushes NAZ, and please have a safe journey on the road!

Milk River Madman said...

Kym, love AD myself and if he doesn't get hurt he wins the Heisman.

Supposed to be 29 and snowing Saturday. YEAH BABY!!! Of course, I'm a fairweather tailgater so I'll be in the stadium club with a glass of crown to warm my bones before kickoff.

As always, thanks for reading.

h said...

Jabba-The-Coach versus Slippery Pete Carroll. Too bad they can't both lose.

The Prodigy said...

Now, now.... Let's not get crazy on Mike McCarthy. The game was looking like a shootout and I've heard it a thousand times from you Field Goals in the red-zone don't win football games. The play call on 4th down from the 2 was good and the TE was given a perfect pass to catch. It wasn't bad coaching. Please don't fall into that media hindsight mode that capitalizes only off failure Ron Jaworski, if they score a TD he looks like a genius and they should have. You missed "Your" Packers when Mike Sherman was running the show. Punt on 4th and 1 with 3 pro bowl lineman and a pro bowl tailback from the Philly 38 yd line. Kick it into the end-zone then cough up 4-26th. Believe me, it's much better now!

Uncle Scooty said...

Now that Favre plays for my team, I love him, and love the way Jon Gruden almost messed himself while professing his man-love for Favre. I, too, was impressed with Aaron Rodgers, although you would think he could learn to throw the ball away. He'll look good in purple in a few years, too.

Milk River Madman said...


I couldn't agree more. Its the only game of the year I root for USC


Field goals in the red zone don't win late, but they lose early. Also I would love to have site an example of me saying waht you claim. Each situation is different.This game was no where as close as the score indicates. There defense is average right now and that is coaching. They made Favre look great.

Uncle Scooter,

Here's to Favre throwing a 5 picks in the first round playoffs loss the Vikes will have.