Friday, October 23, 2009

The worst blog in the universe

This is the worst blog going. Nine posts this month is all? Pathetic. I've got some good stuff roughed out but just haven't put it in cyber space yet. Pitiful effort for October especially since the one year anniversary of this crappy site is coming up. I'll have to do a montage. Well, I guess a montage without all the pictures and videos anyway.

No pregame this week. Cats haven't won in Cheney since 1990. I would hate to jinx them now.

Headlines from Missoula about how the refs screwed Eastern Washington. Really? That's news? Cheese and rice!!! Do these dumbasses watch any games in Missoula? Was this the first one? There are at least two chickenshit calls against the opposition in Missoula every home game for the griz. The over/under on "how many homer calls" there will be in Washington/grizzly stadium on any given weekend is usually closer to six. The news isn't that EWU got homered. The news is that someone actually decided to say something about it.

In South Bend, Charlie Weiss aka The Touchdown Grimace, is waiting for the real Catholics from Boston College to come to town. I originally thought that BC would beat ND this weekend, but the superfrauds from Cape Cod will be lucky to stay withing two touchdowns. I noticed that the laminated sheet that Charlie Weiss carries on the sidelines is not a playsheet but is actually a menu from Wafflehouse. No wonder Jimmy Clausen looks confused. Its hard to exactly what a "XYZ triple stack with extra sausage" really means in football terms.

Malta will win, but I don't know who they are playing, Plentywood I think. No matter. I'll just look for the Mustangs on the winners side of the score sheet tomorrow.

Go Cats.


Pam said...

Charlie just pawn in game of life.

Milk River Madman said...


Thats funny stuff right there!