Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Road Trip #1

This past Sunday I loaded up the Sierra (aka the Grizwagon or GW) with my golf clubs and headed to the Laurel Golf Club to have lunch and play 18 holes with The Prodigy. On my journey I decided to take some pictures through my cracked windshield of my road trip. I didn't bring the camera for any action shots on the golf course which is probably a good thing as I played like a one-legged man with two left arms. The pictures kind of tell the story. It can be hard to drive, take action shots, text, watch a video and trim nose hair all at the same time but I'm a helluva multi-tasker.

The journey begins by heading East on I-90. Take this exit when you come to Bozeman, go south until you can take your first right. You'll see the Best Western Grantree Inn. If its a Friday between 5 and 7 PM, you have a better than 90% chance of finding me there.

I had a bit of a head start on TP so I decided to set the cruise on the Grizwagon at comfortable 70 MPH. This is about 10 MPH below normal travel speed. Thus my 16.4 MPG.

Good tunes are a must and they were hitting it out of the park on Sunday on XM.

Heading East towards the Bozeman Pass. Those are the Bridger Mountains. A nice range but far from my favorite. I do get to look at these mountains out my office window all day long. Not a bad view at all.

I'm really surprised that this picture turned out this well. I've always wanted to live in this house. I think its cool the way its nestled in between the interstate. It kind of snuck up on me so I just pointed and pressed. The photo doesn't really do this little shack justice.

The north end of the Absaroka Mountains. Head up river and you end up in Yellowstone National Park. These are rugged sonsabitches boys and girls.

The Crazy Mountains. These are in my top three. They jump out of the plains. They were the "Crazy Woman Mountains" but the name was shortened. If you've ever seen the Redford movie Jeremiah Johnson you'll remember the scene where a crazy woman gives Jeremiah the boy who never talks. These are the mountains and that is the crazy woman. A little history for you. No, there will not be a quiz.

Take that Pittsburgh! You backed into one on Saturday but not today. God I love XM radio.

This is a bottle of Scotch I owe The Prodigy after our last golf outing on Easter. It was supposed to be a 12 year-old bottle, but I lost a bet on some golf history and it turned into a 16. God I hate Johnny Miller and his lucky as shit 63. I still can't believe he shot it on a Sunday. Makes me puke in my mouth a little.

The refinery at Laurel. Hmm. Looks like money to me.

This little establishment is know as Shotgun Willies. No cars are parked outside so I assumed that the afternoon shift wasn't going yet. Its also know as the East Laurel Ballet.

This is the view after golf at the top of the pass coming home about 10:30 Sunday night. Snow flakes as big as chicken McNuggets and coming in with about a 30 mph wind. It was not what we call "optimum driving conditions". I've come over the hill in worse visibility but only a couple of times. Just brutal from starting up the Livingston side to west of Trail Creek.

Yes that is snow and lots of it. ITS MAY ALREADY. God I hate global warming.

Well that's the trip. I made it safe and sound. The Sierra all but laughed at the driving conditions. Its supposed to be 60 today. Time to break out the tank tops and speedos. Yahoo.


Nan-Nan said...

Dude, you are funny. Love the comments about The Crazy Woman Mts. And who cares what your score was, if you get to hit ball around in gorgeous scenery like that. There goes my stress just thinking about it. My hubby and I trek up to Buena Visto, Colo once a year from OKC and it is pure heaven. Enjoy that ofc view for those of us who don't know what that is like....

Milk River Madman said...

Thank you for the kind words Nan. I'm heading to God's country this weekend to see my Ma and will see if I can do the same thing. Totally different country at the center of the universe.

5Wood said...

My phone must not have recieved your call.. I'll have to go get it checked.

Milk River Madman said...

Good on ya. Couldn't get you on. It was Timmer's deal. He played in a pro-am on Monday.