Thursday, February 26, 2009

Top Chef Finale, The Crime of the Century

Well, its official. Tom Colicchio hates Stefan. How else do you explain giving Hosea the championship. I'm not saying that Hosea is a bad chef. I had him going off at 6-1 but c'mon! He doesn't win jack shit all season, stays above the bottom and you give him the title? What a flippin ripoff. He didn't even want to be Top Chef. He just wanted to beat Stefan. Carla could have won and if Tom would have said "Hosea, you're second" he would have went apeshit just because he finished higher than Stefan. I think next year there should be a cumulative point scale and whoever has the least amount of points at the end of the week packs up their knives. Kind of like NASCAR. Just put me in charge of this already.

Tom is very intimidated by Stefan. Does he feel inferior? This was evident last week when he told Stefan that he was "cocky". Hey Colicchio!! Its supposed to be about the fucking food! You shouldn't care if Stefan is stirring a pot with his barefoot and smoking a cigar in the kitchen. If it tastes good, it tastes good. Get over yourself already. Is it just me or does Tom look like a dwarf when he's standing next to Padma?

By the way, if Carla would have paid attention to her oven temp and not ruin her soufle, she wins going away. It would have been her third win in four weeks. Tough break. Yes, I have said how much she annoys me, and yes, last week she won with Campbells soup and Bac-O-Bits but she really did bring it the last few weeks.

Did anyone notice the shanker on Stefan's forehead? To me that is obviously a razor cut. I'm sure Stefan has shaved his head more than once but a little advice from one Kojak to another. Don't use the same razor on your head as you do your face. Avoid unsightly scabs and irritation by using Headgear. Its a great product. Chicks don't dig open sores on your scalp.

It was nice to see Gail back. I like what her husband bought her for a wedding present. She was always a little top heavy but last night I thought she was going to smother in her own augmentation. You go girl!

The season went by so fast. Thank God NASCAR is back.

Padma. Call me.

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h said...

Tom's a tool and he wanted Carla to win. Fire him and fire Toby.

Gail's boobage is definately bigger. I thought maybe she was preggers.