Friday, February 13, 2009

No Top Chef update

I missed Top Chef the other night but caught it on the DVR. I was on the road all day yesterday and watched the Twin 150's from Daytona last night.

Here's the lowdown. Leah is gone, Stefan was on backed into a corner but rope-a-doped his way out of it. Karla makes great peas and looks hot in straight hair and Fabio finally won an elimination challenge and he did it with a broken finger. Padma made me have to take a cold shower. Your final four are Karla, Stefon, Fabio and Hosea. Stefon will not stumble again.

I'm changing things up a little next week. I'm moving Music Monday to Tuesday Tunes (I like alliteration alot) I'm joining the minions for Mute Mondays. I already have my haiku written. Wrote it driving south I-15 yesterday. Its barely legible but I can decipher it.



Pam said...

Ooooh fun on Tuesday Tunes. What is it all about? I'm kinda new over here to your page, so gotta catch up! That cabin looks awesome, especially that photo of the steaks.

Milk River Madman said...

Pamokc, I just kind of think of a theme and then try to find songs that match. Something to entertain my loyal band of followers in between drinking stories.

The photos of the cabin do not do it justice.