Thursday, February 5, 2009

Man Alive, We're Down to Five

How much salt is enough?

So, last night's episode was pretty boring and very predictable. The quick fire has to do with filleting fish and some Frenchy is the guest judge. I have no doubt that Stefan is going to win this. Josea takes him down to the final challenge, skinning and filleting a fresh water eel, but he is no match for Stefan. He wins this going away. Even Josea knew he had lost. The French guest judge (Frenchy, we'll call him) was actually a nice guy. Not near the spineless prick that most Frenchmen are.

There is no immunity any longer for winning the quickfire but you do get an advantage for the elimination challenge.

Everyone goes to Frenchy's restaurant for lunch. He is serving a six course meal. Hmmmmm, six courses, six contestants. I am seeing this challenge from a mile away. Jamie is being her wretched self. Sorry, can't stand her. I don't care that she's gay or has tattoos but it's her constant scowl and pissy attitude that rub me the wrong way. Every course is fish as this is Frenchy's specialty. I think Stefan sees this challenge coming as well. He seemed to be the only one really paying attention to the courses and their ingredients.

Jamie's gets some kind of fish with celery and comments on how she hates celery. After every course has been served the challenge is announced and guess what? They each have to cook a course. Stefan gets to choose his (just give him the win for the night right now) and the rest draw knives. Jamie gets the celery. Can you say karma?

Food is cooked and served and Carla is in the top group again. She is starting to peak at the right time and just typing that made me puke in my mouth a little. Those bug eyes, that annoying voice, her brown nosing attitude. Blek.

The three facing elimination are Leah, Josea and Jamie.

I'm going to bitch about Tom a little. The Troll pointed out last week that Tom is the one who is always saying "its about the food". He criticized Josea, who owns a seafood restaurant, for not doing a better job, well, because he (Josea) owns a seafood restaurant. Was the food good or not? It doesn't matter if he owns a hundred seafood joints or has never baited a hook Tom. Remember?

Also, Jamie is criticized for having too much salt in her celery (that's not an innuendo of any kind BTW). All season these judges have been bitching that there isn't enough salt. Poor Jamie, it's back to sprinkling pixie dust on the tilt-o-whirl for her.

Stefan wins but Carla was right there. Its frightening to think of really. A Stefan/Carla battle to the death? Stefan is so far ahead of everyone else that its almost not worth watching. I'm sure there will be another close one, but he's is kicking ass.

Oh yeah, Josea, you might think about picking up your things around the Top Chef apartment and booking a flight to Colorado. I have a feeling that you won't be there much longer.


h said...

I'm going to use the term "too much salt in their celery" from now on. Hilarious!

Nobody's ever dominated like Stephan. I think Hosea is just now learning (from Stephan) what it takes to excel in the business.

You're not going to learn that with the stoners, slackers, and freaks in Boulder. Just managing to open the restaurant on time makes you a Star there.

Pam said...

But I am so rooting for Carla! She is such a hoot. Obviously, Stefan is miles ahead of anyone else, but that girl has some personality, man! Stefan is just ... blahingly arrogant.

Milk River Madman said...


I am waiting for Stephan to be thrown a curveball or for Tom to get a bug up his ass and for Stephan and him to get into it so that Tom can throw him off.


Carls reminds me of the Shrieking Eels from the Princess Bride. Although I do think she is a nice person