Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getting older isn't always bad.

So as I informed you last week, I went to the 41st state to celebrate the anniversary of my entering the world. I've been going to The Cabin every year since 1997. It's too awesome to describe and its been a good run birthday celebrations. Here's some action photos from this weekend. Thanks Big Tim.

Gettting the evening started. Covering three of the four food groups in this picture. We have scotch, beer and wine. Its a good start to Friday evening. Our gracious host, Big Tim, in the red cap.

The fourth food group. Ribeye steaks hand cut by Marty. A little olive oil and some "duke" steak seasoning.

I'll tell you when I've had enough Crown! Me and Schamler. 42 years of friendship and going strong.

Schmales is the big winner Friday night, er, Saturday morning. Its been a long time since I stayed up til 3 AM.

The view from the deck of The Cabin. 6900 feet. The mountain is scarred from last year's fire. The Cabin survived but some of the neighbors weren't so lucky.

L to R: The Prodigy, Tommy G, and Schmales. Look at the sky. It was 45 degrees at 2 PM. Awesome. We went back inside to play more cards.

This is how you get to 6900 feet.

Schmaler and The Prodigy chillin before dinner. LETS DEAL SOME MORE CARDS!! (Notice The Prodigy is sporting the colors of our alma mater. Good on ya kid!)

My donation to The Cabin. I know where I can get another one.


h said...

Looks great. Water and electric and inner-web up there?

I NEED to find a simple place in the Mountains to escape the obamanation. NC and East Tennessee are the only places I've looked. Maybe I should consider the West.

Milk River Madman said...

Water, electricity. The Prodigy had the internet on his whateverberry. Its an awesome place.

Come west. We are always looking for more good folk. Need to squeeze the bad ones out.