Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meme B

I asked to be in a meme group being run my kmwthay at her blog. She gave me the letter "b". I have to list ten things I love that start with b.

burger - I could eat burger two meals a day. Easy to make. Almost impossible to ruin. Burger is in meatloaf and tacos. Two of my other favorite foods. Hmmmmmmmmm burger.

bacon - Why does it have to be so bad for you? Bacon is almost a perfect food. Anytime someone wants to make a meal better, they put bacon in it. Dogs like bacon, cats like bacon, I like bacon. One of the coolest things about it is that it can be combined with burgers. A bacon cheeseburger is the perfect meal. To bad cheese starts with a "c".

baseball - The most pure of sports. Well, until the anti-Christ Bud Selig became commissioner. No other sport still resembles its humble beginnings as much as baseball. They play a meaningful regular season. They play almost everyday. No other sport has people flocking to their spring practice like baseball. Dad was a baseball nut, so is the most brilliant woman on the planet, sister Mary. Over one third of the books I own are about baseball.

- As in the Montana State University Fighting Bobcats. My beloved alma mater's mascot and the reason for much of my success in life. We will crush the liberal arts school down the road this year. I guarantee it.

Bill - My brother. 15 months my junior, he made the comment several years ago that the reason we didn't get a long so well was because we "have nothing in common". Hmmm. We have an almost identical movie collection, watch the same TV programs without even recommending them to one another, enjoy the same books and our island CD's list is very close. Yeah, nothing in common. He was born on Mother's Day. It still makes me puke.

birdies - As in one under par. They are very rare in my golf game. My birdie dance is a thing of beauty and wonderment. The best part is that when I make a birdie it is almost 100% guaranteed that I won the hole and the money.

bovine wine - You lay people call it milk. I drink almost a quart a day. Not that pasteurized crap either. Pure organic. Its the only food I will drive to the store to get if I am craving it. It does a body good.

babes - What can I say, I love women. I love the way they smell, the touch of their skin. I love their hair and the sound of their voice. They're like tomatoes though. Its so hard to find a good one.

buddies - Life without the lifelong friends I have and the ones along the way wouldn't be as sweet. Its hard to find a buddy who will drive a nail through a board to go look for those Canadians who dented your car, but I have at least one of those. It makes life good.

barnes' cabin - Celebrated every birthday there since 1997 and won't quit going there for that "fateful day" until I am unable to ride a snowmobile into it. The generosity of this family has blessed me. I have my own keys for God's sake. How cool is that?

Thanks kmwthay


Kymical Reactions said...

Milky - These are great! And you thought of them so quickly! I think I spent 2 weeks thinking of mine. With you, I enjoy bacon. The crunchier and crispier the better! And while I don't fully share your love of baseball, I always enjoy watching the World Series. My jr. high school mascot was a bobcat. I love all cats though. The only birdies I enjoy are the ones I make on play station Tiger Woods 2003. I love that game. I also enjoy milk - but definitely needs to be pasteurized and 2%! And lastly - Barnes' cabin sounds like a blasty. Do you celebrate with the same group of people every time?
Thanks for playing with me! - Kym

Milk River Madman said...


Tried working fast and had some windshield time to think. Thought I was under the gun. Used to drink milk right from the cow that I milked myself. Try the organic stuff. Definately a huge difference in taste and it comes in 1% and 2%.

Check out my "getting older isn't always bad" post. There are cabin pics there. It's always been at least The Prodigy and me but there have been others in attendance as well.

I'll play anytime.

Pam said...

Great answers to the "B" assignment! Mmmm. Bacon! I used to watch baseball and grew up playing on the first baseline while my brother's little league team practiced. Baseball has lost it for me with the drugged-up 'roids. Ruined it for everyone.

Milk River Madman said...


I'll tell you my sad baseball story sometime. While I still love it, I don't follow it like I used to. More of a novice historian than current fan.