Friday, July 22, 2011

A mixed tribute band

So when I was home for the 30th Greg gave me a CD.  Here is how cool Greg is.  We haven't hardly talked to each other in years. He's on the reunion committee. Helps put the best of the three we've had together. Knows I'm going to be there and when I showed up at his coffee joint/photograph studio he gives me a CD and says "Chip, I know you will really like these guys. They put an 80's song with a 70's song and make it great." He is soooooooooooo right.  Here for you followers is Rock Sugar.  By the way, Rock Sugar will be at Rockin the Rivers along with PAT BENATAR!!  MRM will be hanging with Greg and catching up with his life. This would be a GREAT place for a blog summit.  Get your collective shit act together and come to Montana. I'm not gonna beg. It's not my style. Please oh please come out. Buzz, grab Mrs. Buzz and the Eagle Scout and get your country ass out here.  You'll sell your house and build a nice leantoo.  Sorry for calling you out but you're an eastcoaster. Come see the mountains.   Here's Rock Sugar.


By the way, I think I'm getting the new format figured out. You all can be the judge


Aunty Belle said...

gracious, that wuz enthusiastic.

I luved what little I'se see of Monatana--a lean to might july. Cain't imagine a lean to in february--brrr!

Pam said...

MRM, how you been? Where you been? What's the new job like? Hope all is well with you. I'll watch your speech at some point, but got lots of catching up to do. WE've been bizzy down here in the OKC.

Milk River Madman said...

They are awesome!

Yes Grandma, we do have some catching up to do. I think you'll like the speech.