Friday, May 27, 2011

Some Friday videos

So I'm just sitting here with the XM streaming through my home sound system.  When I was buying my little townhouse I wired every room except one with speakers.  I can sit here in the "office" and jam to great tunes.  I'm just going to sit here and when I hear a good one, post the video. Enjoy.

Level 42 live with "Something About You" Kind of a studio version that I enjoyed.

"Dream On" by Aerosmith.  I couldn't belive that there wasn't a version of this from the end of "Miracle".  Quit hurting my youtube.

Howie Day with "She Says"  I love the lyrics to this.  I'm a big lyrics guy.  I just enjoy how he is telling this guy that no matter what he thinks, she will always be thinking about him.  It's grasping at straws but still he has to hold onto something. Been there once so I can relate. I also like how bad he looks.  Just given up on everything. Get over it, but still a good song.

Tony Orlando and Dawn with one of my favorites.

For Dan and Ralph and the crush we all had and still have on ONJ.  So hot.  Good Kentucky whiskey on the counter. Yeah, like that exists. Why is it that when Brits and Aussies sing, they don't have an accent? Funny that.

Pat Benatar!!!!!!!  Singing "Promises in the Dark".  She will be in Bozeman this summer at Rockin' the Rivers this August and yes you can bet your country ass I'll be there.

Boz Scaggs with Lido Shuffle.

Steely Dan with "Reein' in the Years" from 1973 Midnight Special. Live and kicking ass.  Everyone singing chorus.  The ginger kindof front man.  Man! I go through a lot of work to provide you the best versions on these great songs.  And how about that great intro by Bill Cosby? With his cigar! Just awesome. Hot Tub Time Machine, take me to 1978.  So let it be written, so let it be done.

Linda Ronsadt with a live version of "Blue Bayou"  She was so smoking hot and then she met Jerry Brown and turned into a bag lady. Why Linda? Why did you follow Kirsty Alley into the oblivion of obesity? So sad. She can hold a note. I'll give her that.

That's probably plenty. I'm going to stay up for a bit and find some more songs from my youth.  I hope you enjoyed these offerings. Have a great Memorial Weekend. Take a minute and walk through a cemetary to remember all of those who fell to enjoy what we have.  They have given the ultimate and they deserve a moment from all of us.  I know you all feel the same way.


Princess said...

"Why is it that when Brits and Aussies sing, they don't have an accent?"

It is because we use things called "vowels"... Happy holiday weekend Madman...

Anonymous said...

It slays me that Boz Scaggs had the stones to name an album "Hits" plural. Can anyone name a Boz Scaggs song besides "Lido?". I can't.

I'm gonna call "Flock of Seagulls" and "Gary Numan" to suggest they do the same.

P.S. Pat Benatar wrote "Heartbreaker" about me. I told her it'd been fun but she was too short for me.

Pam said...

Now this is a mixed bag of videos here, Madman. Some very good stuff indeed. I probably watched that Midnight SPecial episode LIVE back in the day. Loved that show. But not enough to be tempted to buy the dvd's. And Pat Benatar? I always thought she looked like her mouth hurt.

Aunty Belle said...

Well oh mah heavens!
MEM, youse a stitch. Lemme assure ya' you an' Uncle could jam together. What a riot.

@ Troll
pickin' mahself up offa the floor, LOL!

@Pam, oh thar's an image fer ya, Pam OKC grovvin' to MIdnight Special.

chickory said...

boz scaggs hits:

harbor Lights

thats all i got. I saw Pat Benatar a few years ago at a private party at this resorty florida condo where she performed. it was pretty good. she is a tiny thing. like 52 and 100 pounds. you know, whe wanted to be an opera singer? she had the pipes for it.

Have you gone to the reunion yet?

Aunty Belle said...

yoo hoo?

Ya' ok? Whar's ya now? jes' checkin' in on ya.