Monday, June 13, 2011

Some things for the record

Honestly, I've been busy. I miss blogging every day. Not only am I not posting, even worse I'm not reading anyone else.  This weekend marks the first weekend in four weeks that I will be in Bozeman. So there's one reason.

Another reason is that the shithole motel I stay at in Williston doesn't have wifi.

Another reason is that I haven't figured out the "vpn" thing so I can post and not get relieved from duty.

Another reason is that since April 7th, I've driven over NINE THOUSAND MILES FOR WORK!!!!  NINE FUCKING THOUSAND MILES IN TWO MONTHS!!  That's almost as much as I did all of last year.  Well, that's between us kids. I told Uncle Sam it was a little more than that.  But here's the deal with that.  9000 miles in 60 days is 150 miles a day.  Hey, I can live with that.  Here's my driving schedule. I leave Bozeman. Go to Powell, Wyoming (a really nice little town) meet a customer. Go to Cody, Wyoming (where I think I may retire) meet another customer, and then back to Bozeman.  Total miles that day over 500 inone day. I love XM.

I'm busier than a one legged man at an ass kicking contest.  I'll be around this Friday with a glass of Canada's finest to get caught up with all of you. 

God bless this merry band of malcontents.

Blah, blah, blah.


Please note: the Diane Lane references have been temporarily put on hold until further notice.  This does not mean that MRM has even begun to quit burning candles in his window for her. It just means he couldn't think of a way to weave her into this post unitl now.  Need to edit the "labels" thing to include her. 


Karl said...

Good morning MRM,

What's your average driving speed 75-80 miles an hour? At 80 miles an hour of 500 mile they wouldn't be too bad. Knock it down to 60 and it starts to get tedious. I hope you have good back support in your truck.

You could get a smart phone and blog that way.

Buzz Kill said...

Or you could get one of these smart phones (Karl has one). We all understand - work comes first - Diane Lane comes second (or not at all - Bwahahaha - Austin Powers - anyone?). Good thing they gave you a company truck. It could be could be flying.

Milk River Madman said...


I used to drive 85-90 but now its a cool 75. I have a smart phone, HTP Incredible, just lazy I supposed. I hate lazy.

"Diane Lane comes second, or not at all" funniest thing ever post on this site. Ever. Holy shit that was good stuff. LBOH is July 14-17 you and Karl get your country asses on a plane and to Montana. Just make it happen.

Your Hero said...

You can still access the internet without using the vpn if you have a wireless card. Just do everything you would do to access the internet but skip opening the vpn. You might want to erase the history after so no one can see that you secretly go to the Jonas Brothers website.

Aunty Belle said...

yoo hoo!

Whar's ya MRM??

Youse missed.

chickory said...

whenever you have time for us, we'll be here. You are missed. xo