Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year, a new mission.

Well, I missed most of the New Year's Party at Boxer's. I read lots of comments and looks like it was a great time. I was having a hell of a time trying to post. I'm assuming it was the the amount of traffic and blogger couldn't handle it as the rest of the net seemed to be working fine on my end.  Great job to all and it looks like Boxer raised some awesome money for her charity. I had a great year and need to fulfill my New Year's pledges as well. 

Meanwhile in the real world.  Montana's own 300 pound ball of lard Senator Jon Tester is trying to introduce a bill entitled "The Forest Jobs and Recreation Act".  Senator Tester ran as a moderate but was largely backed with out of state (read "California") money and is now trying to pay back the envrironmental lobby for their efforts.  In a nutshell, this bill will close thousands of acres of public land currently being used by a number of different recreationists and designate it wilderness.  Much of it will not even be able to be accessed by horseback.

You see the problem here is that Montana has not had any designated wilderness in 25 years.  The enviro-nazis think that is long enough and now want to shut off access to virtually all of the GP just to make themselves feel good.  Most of those involved in the lobby and money behind this legislation have never been here and couldn't find the proposed wilderness on a map.  It's quite infuriating. 

I've been saying for a couple of years now that the enviro-movement doesn't so much care about saving anything but that it's a competition among liberal elites for bragging rights and what they have accomplished in their own minds.  They want to brag and say, "I made this wilderness area, what did you do?"  I thought I was right on track.  As usual though, someone said it long be for me and much more eloquently.

"Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important.  They don't mean to do harm - but the harm does not interest them.  Or they do not see it, or the justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves." 
T.S Elliot from The Coctail Party, 1950.

Here is an interesting article by Michael S Coffman PhD about how the taking of private property.  From the article "While environmental concerns may be legitimate in some cases, many of the accusations made my environmental nongovernment organizations (NGO's) today are nothing more than perceptions created to indoctrinate the public and cause unfounded fear that generates income for the NGO.  Environmental fear has become a multibillion-dollar business that preys on unknowing urbanites."

Make no mistakes, the impact this land grab by the NGO's, through the federal government, is going to affect each and everyone of us.  In where we can recreate and in our wallets.  More government jobs will need to be created to "manage and police" the ever increasing ownership of federal land.

Funny, I thougth there were more pressing issues out there.


chickory said...

MRM: the scope of the land grab going on now should have very american up in arms. but the lame media will not report on anything that affects us and the future of private land ownership. You should read up on Agenda 21 which masked as an environmental protection effort, actually seeks to limit where human beings can live. Ted Turner is a big supporter. Interesting, isnt it? he is north americas largest private land owner. Now hes buying more...to control water.
What will it take for a full scale revolt on the part of the people? im flumoxed and disappointed.

Milk River Madman said...

I've heard a little on Agenda 21 but haven't researched it. Coffman's website has written about it and I will read it later today now that you've brought it to my attention.

Ted Turner has property in Montana. The Flying D Ranch is less than 20 miles from my house. Interesting how Turner, the largest private land owner in the US and father of five children wants to tell the rest of us where we can live and how many kids we can have.

He owns 1.9 million acres. Largera than Rhode Island but smaller than Delaware.

chickory said...

thats how it always goes -rules are regulations are made for us little people - the peons. Kings and captains of industry are always exempt from the laws they bank roll and/or support. you must understand, that they are better than we are, and know what is best.

the fact that congress does not even have to deal with health care or even the post office as we do should be enough for americans to demand that the new senators and congressmen make it law that any law these jerks pass will apply to them as well.
its insane what is happening in the USA. worse than insane, really

Anonymous said...

Kind of surprised Tester is bothering to acknowledge the Constitution and do this through legislation.

Most of what the traitor-democrat-party-of-filth does the next two years will be through unaccountable unelected Obamanation Bureaucrats.

P.S. Your other Senator is a piece-of-shit too. Taxpayers have been financing his nookie activities for about 4 years and She just got a big raise.

How the hell did a State with a large percentage of Christian Patriots wind up with BOTH U.S. Senators being arseholes?

Pam said...

Troll said "arsehole".

Milk River Madman said...

Why the exceptions congress gives themselves doesn't outrage the citizenry is an absolute mystery.

Tester's margin of victory was almost identical to the amount of people who registered to vote that election day. What a coincidence. The large influx of out-of-staters combined with the large amount of $$ Max brings to Montana is why we have him as a Senatory. He is a total jackass.

Jenny said...

We're dealing with a "Shoreline Management" ordiance that's going to require us to change the way we own our property and beach. It's just getting started and I'm worried in my liberal, hippie tree huggging state that few will actually rise up and rally. We'll see.

The media, sadly, only reports what the general public wants to hear about, so I guess that's whatever Snookie drank for NYE's and that's what politicians LIVE for.

chickory said...

@boxer: even the NYT reported on snookies book. and by the way how dare you own a property on water? grherhahaha

Im off to buy a truck load of 100 wat incandescent light bulbs. just expanding my future black market offerings. re: california ban.

Milk River Madman said...

It's time to start buying your guns. I don't like the sounds of this one bit. Don't trust liberals and environmentalists are the biggest liars out there.

I'm in for half. We'll need to come up with some cool street lingo when we become "ID's" (incandescent dealers). I can be hitting range balls and some guy can come up to me and say

"Hey, man. I heard you got some sunshine."

"Maybe. Iffin I did. Whatcha lookin for?"

"Oh, man. I'd take a couple of c-watts. Got the new Twain autobiography and the type is all 8or 9 and shit."

"OK. Meet me at the 4th tee box with the money and Crown. Then come back here and my partner hook you up. knowwhatimsayin?"

"These aren't homelites. Right? This shit be bright."

"Hell no motherfucker! GE and Sylvania. Don't come 'round here asking me iffin they be homelites. Now getta outta here for I bust a 9in your behind."

Or something like that. I've been watching The Wire on direct TV 101.

chickory said...

roar! hilarious! i'll specialize in the broad specs - those purple ones with the daylight vibe. ahhhhhhhhh

Jenny said...

I'm buying bullets and driving them down to L.A. - they are banned there too.

@Chickory - Did you know that peopel have a RIGHT to have access to all beaches? Potentially, we'd have to give up land to give anyone the right to walk through our property, use the beach. Then they can spread their garbage/beer cans and unsafe fires and leave it for me to clean up.

@MRM - Environmentalists are mostly very angry people who want everything for themselves. Except the way they "work" for it? They take it.

**cracks shotgun**

Milk River Madman said...

Are the purple bulbs the ones they use at the marijuana farm down the street?

People have a right to access ALL beaches? What a crock. Tell them to buy a boat and "access" it from the water. I think I would trust OBL more than an environmentalist.

Aunty Belle said...

late to the discussion,

in real life? journalist who has covered Agenda 21 an its attendant "initiatives." I interviewed Maurice Strong's man in NA. (These people are insane--literally nuts--Strong has a ziggaurut style temple in Colorado, is New Age devotee)

Strong is reclusive where Soros is man on stage. Strong is behind the Earth Summit (Rio 1992) where the first attempt was made to gut the US economy by draconian "environmental" controls, including the Wildlands treaty (THANK you Kay Bailey Hutchinson for exposing that)

For over 15 years I have tried to raise the alarm, only to be branded an "alarmist." a fear-monger" yadda yadda yadda.

The fight for food an water will be global, Americans will not escape. You must understand--for them it is not simply control of the earth's environment or resources--for them control of the next "age" of human history is a religious imperative.

Aunty Belle said...

oh, an' I has mah stash of sunshine, already. Heh.

Love that ya said, "iffin."

Buzz Kill said...

We have a slightly different problem with the beaches in South Jersey and public access. It is extremely limited and very few beaches have parking or public restrooms.

First, we as taxpayers pay for the beaches to be recovered (dredge and pump) every year after huricanes and Nor' easters take the beaches away in the surf. Then, the minimal amount of public beaches that you can find a parking spot for have local town beach tag fees (usually between $10 - $15 per person per day) to keep the beaches patrolled and clean.

And the people with beachfront property still complain and file lawsuits with the towns to keep the public out. I'm not a beach person because I don't like the crowds and over-priced poor food that's available.

Some grass roots citizen groups are trying to pass laws to make the beaches more accessible and I agree with them. We're being double charged for access to part of the beaches we pay for. It's not right.