Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MCW Favorite Christmas Movie

Merry Christmas fellow bloggers.  Welcome to this week's edition of Movie Clip Wednesday.  This week's theme was quite easy to choose.  Remember how this works.  I give you a theme, you find a movie clip around three minutes long then drop by here and say that you're up and running and we'll all pop over and have a gander.  The magnificent Boxer started this a couple of week's or so ago, maybe longer, anyway we all have to keep it going.

So many good movies to choose from.  I'm not going to lie, I'm expecting a lot of It's a Wonderful Life and a lot of Christmas Vacation clips and that's fine with me.  It will be interesting to see how many blog jinx's there are this week. I went with A Christmas Story.  There  were a number of reasons but I think the biggest was it reminded me of growing up in Malta (wow, what were the odds of that?). Just everything about it, the clothes, having to take care of my brother on the way to school, the way the kids acted in class,  just all of it.  Too many good lines, too many things that happened that made me think of Ralph, Jim and St. Mary's.  The hats, the kid sticking his tongue on a flagpole.  I love this movie.

"the old man stood quivering with fury, stammering as he tried to come up with a crusher all he got out was.......... NOT A FINGER!!!" 

Here's a trailer for the movie "Rare Exports: A Christmale Tale".  Looks good.  A little different spin on Santa in this one.



Rhacodactylus said...

Undeniably A Garfield Christmas, when Odie gives Garfield the back scratcher for Christmas, I defy you not to get choked up, a close second or maybe even a tie is Will Vinton's Claymation Christmas, one of the most original Christmas Specials out there (I figure specials are ok, I couldn't think of a Christmas movie I really love, Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas is pretty strong, and Scrooged was brilliant). Meanwhile, A Christmas Story and It's a Wonderful Life are each responsible for stealing 2 hours of my life that I want back =) sorry to any fans out there.

Jenny said...

Mr. Boxer was watching this the other night. It's a classic. I will only watch it every OTHER year because there are so many good Christmas movies out there to watch.. like "Bad Santa". I'm betting Buzz picks that one.

But I agree with your pick.

I'm up with "HOLIDAY INN".

Merry Christmas and Happy MCW.

Roses said...

I'm up with Muppet's Christmas Carol. I couldn't help myself.

Princess said...

Nice choices MRM. Come on over to see a very "Bad Santa if you haven't already...

Buzz Kill said...

A Christmas Story is a newer classic that I touch on over at the Buzzkill this week. I've never even heard of Rare Export. That looks pretty cool.

I'm up with a story about my boss.

I'll be around later tonight to visit everyone.

Happy MCW and Merry Christmas to all.

Anonymous said...

Great movie! I had a plant-holder similar to that wonderful lamp. Twas a buttocks in Daisy-Dukes.

I'm UP!

sparringK9 said...

i dont love this movie. i know its a classic, and some tv station runs it 24/7 at xmastime but ...i just. cant.

i have to travel today -so not playing. but if i could post, i would choose

the long kiss goodnight.

a killer movie. and it happens during xmas. high rec'ed.

Happy MCW everyone.

Karl said...

Merry Christmas MRM,

A classic indeed. We still use the BB gun line all the time.

I'm up with a touch of Dickens and Briggs.

Happy clip day!

moi said...

I remember laughing my ass off at A Christmas Story, but I haven't seen it since it first came out. Perspective may have changed. That Finnish movie looks majorly awesome. Thanks for the heads up.

And, I'm up!

Milk River Madman said...

Havent seen either but will watch tonight. Love Burton's "Nightmare" as well. Hope the season finds you in good spirits.

I still think the narrator makes the movie. Jean Shepperd I think is his name.

Solid choice. Be over in a bit.

Happy Christmas to you. Was over yesterday.

Christmas Story is a newer classic. Well put. Rare Exports was just released a couple of weeks ago. Still waiting for it so show up here in Bozo.

I think my favorite seen is Ralphie stroking the leg and is mother slapping his hand. "The soft glow of electric sex."

It's not for everyone. Geena Davis was a badass. I really thought she'd make more movies like that.

I'll be honest, I picked you for a Miracle on 34th Street guy.

Rare Exports is still in the theaters here. I may have to drive to Billings to see it.

Pam said...

This could actually be the best movie of all time. It has everything that a movie should have. Love me some Ralphie. I'm up on my page with our yearly viewing.

Joanna Cake said...

I have never seen that movie so will look out for it this season. The Rare Exports clip looks very good!

Merry Christmas!!! x