Friday, December 18, 2009

I can't!!! I WONT!!

Tonight at 8 PM the um grizzlies play the Villanova Wildcats for the division I-AA national championship.  Let's make one thing perfectly clear.  I will never, ever root for the grizzlies to win in football. Ever.  Not on your life.  "Oh, cmon Chip, they're a Montana team".  I don't give a rats ass. Just because some  map makers got drunk 140 years ago and included eastern Idaho as part of our great state doesn't mean I have to like it. I'm not rooting for them. In fact, I'm wearing blue today for the Wildcats.  They have the same colors as Malta so you have to love them.

I don't like Nova's chances tonight.  The griz are playing pretty good and were just in Chattanooga last year.  That gives them a big edge as this is Nova's first title game ever.

I'm not going to break down the game.  It doesn't matter as its all basics, but I will tell you why the u.m. sucks.  They produce lawyers and journalists.  They give degrees in forestry management.  The town is infested with hippies.  They have smog alerts.  Yes, in Montana, you can have a smog alert if you live in the "insert enema here" town.  I know they teach math because they have an accounting program but I can't believe that their math curriculum is anything more than beginner sudoko. 

The real reason I hate them goes back to 1991.  While watching the Cat-griz game (which it had ALWAYS been called, even by griz fans. Its another way you can tell the bandwagoners, real griz fans still call it "Cat-griz"  BW's call it "griz-Cat"  it just sounds gay that way) I noticed all the griz players had the number "7" on the back of there helmets.  The helmets in those days were kind of a urine yellow that offset their calf scour brown colored jerseys, then they changed colors because, hey, who wants to wear piss and turd brown?  Anyway, I saw the seven, they were going for their seventh straight victory.  I looked at the Old Wise One, NYC sister, and said "Those motherfuckers!  Arrogant pricks!"  The griz won that day but the streak would only last ANOTHER NINE YEARS!!  As the streak grew so did the amount of dickhead and bandwagon fans for the grizzlies.  You see everyone loves a winner.

The biggest difference between Cat fans and griz fans, besides class, is that most Cat fans actually attended MSU. Griz fans, even if they went to college, didn't attend um.  Bandwagoners almost everyone.  I know a guy in Malta, drank a lot of beer with him in the day.  Not once did he ever mention that he was a griz fan.  Now, not only is he a fan of the griz, he hates the Cats. Why? Griz fans are like Red Sox fans, they got their asses kicked for so long that when they did start winning they developed an attitude of entitlement.

A list of things I'd rather do than root for the griz:
     1) Gargle with Drano
     2) Be gay (its kind of the same thing, I know)
     3) Root for Notre Dame
     4) Have unprotected sex in Haiti
     5) Vote democrat
     6) have a pet cobra
You get the picture. 

So here's to the Wildcats.  I wish them the best in their quest for glory.  I will donate $50 to their athletic program if they bring me a victory.  Hail to Villanova.


Anonymous said...

Did you see Spec's Ad yesterday and today?

oh and add "I wouldn't root for the griz if they played Iraq."

Kim C

The Prodigy said...

Can it still be called "Cat-Griz" It's the Villanova Wild "Cats" right???

Eat Shit Grizzlies..... GO CATS GO!!

And they have a National Championship beating another team that I love to hate, Georgetown and that prick John Thompson! All while their leading scorer Dwayne McClain was all Jacked up on Cocaine!!

Ralph said...

For the record. I do not hate the Bobcats. I did not attend either school. If the Cats were still playing I would be rooting for them. The main reason I ever bring up the Griz is simply to piss off the author of this blog and a few other people who attend LBOH and bleed blue and gold. So Mr. MRM there are some of us Big Sky people who just like to see a Montana school in the mix. Hopefully some day the Cats will pull the collective heads out of the their asses and become that team. Until then us fence riders will just have to root for the only other Montana team still playing. Faithfully submitted, Sargent at Arms. Douglas C. Netermeyer.

Milk River Madman said...

Your close to being blocked Ghoulers.

Ralph said...

BLOCKED, why is that. Can't a guy have a little fun at the expense of some Cat fans.

Milk River Madman said...
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5Wood said...

Now I know why we get along so well!!!! I have never and will never root for the Grizzlies!!! "But they are Montana Kids and you should support them" is the biggest bullshit I've ever heard. Thats like asking UCLA fans to support USC because they are California Kids. The Fact is they are MT kids that made the mistake of going to that shit hole instead of getting an education along with playing Football at MSU. That makes me like them evenless. I hope Villanova beats them by 50!!!!!!!!!!! Go Cats!!!!

Tanaya said...

I wanna know, do they win so much because I hate them? Or do I hate them because they win so much? Maybe a little a both and alot because of all the freakin' bandwagon fans who must get "Grizzed" up before appearing anywhere in public.

Go 'Cats! Wildcats that is...

Tanaya said...

Let me just be the first to say...DENIED!

Milk River Madman said...


Its the weakest argument to make. I've kept track of all the so called Cat fans I know who root for the griz and I won't be giving any of them tickets to Cat games next year.


The first indeed! There was much celebration last night at Casa de Gibbs!! Having breakfast at the Cateye this morning.