Thursday, December 3, 2009

DefendingTammy Hall

Our local excuse of a newspaper has a bi-weekly columnist named Tammy Hall. She is a conservative and is not afraid to show it. Her counterpart is a withered old hag with no sense of reality named Marjorie Smith. Tammy writes one Friday then Marjorie the next. It's funny that after a Tammy column, the hate mail spews forth steady for the next week, but after a Marjorie column there is seldom, if ever, a letter contradicting her. Maybe it's because proving the Marjorie is an idiot is so easy that no one wants to take the time.

Recently, Tammy wrote a column about Barry getting his Nobel Peace Prize. Of course she was vilified by one of the local liberals who writes so many letters to the paper that I feel I know him personally. From what I can gather he's a grouchy bastard from Three Forks who gets all of his information from MSNBC.

Here's his letter in response to Tammy's column

Tammy Hall’s recent article attacking Barack Obama’s being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize came under the heading, “Personal attacks sign of an empty arsenal.” What an apt title for a Republican attack on our president. Recent polls of the nation’s electorate now show that less than 20 percent consider themselves to be Republicans. The GOP is in total disarray because of their continued negativity that Tammy’s article displays — an empty arsenal.

Even Sen. John McCain had the professionalism to say that it was a proud day for America. We are all proud that our president received this award and the reasons why he deserved it.

The prize was also an award to the nation’s electorate for preventing another four years of George W. Bush’s destructive foreign policy. Before Obama defeated the Republicans in the 2008 election, much of the world viewed our nation as aggressive and a significant threat to world peace. Obama’s election and stance changed all that. While Tammy’s article clearly displays why the Republican Party has tanked, we should all be proud that our president won the most coveted and controversial prize of them all: the Noble Peace Prize.

Here's my response that was  printed in the paper about four weeks ago.

I see William ********* was busy again. In his latest attack on Tammy Hall, Mr. ******* states that recent polls show less than 20 percent of the electorate consider themselves Republicans. Like all good liberals Mr. Fairhurst won’t say where he received his information. On the other hand, Gallup reported on October 26th, that 40 percent of Americans consider themselves conservative.  America haters, I mean liberals, come in at 20 percent.

The Republican Party may be in a state of disarray, but it’s not because of conservatives. It’s because of moderates.

Now onto the second point of Mr. Fairhurst’s letter and that is the Nobel Peace Prize. Mr. Fairhurst states the prize was an award “for preventing another four years of George W. Bush’s destructive foreign policy”. Umm, call me Ismail but GWB wasn’t running for president last year. I know that for a fact because I voted and I didn’t see his name on the ballot. Instead I had to vote for a moderate Democrat from Arizona. He was the better choice than a do nothing Senator from Illinois.

The point of Tammy’s column was not that President Barry Hussein Obama won, but why. Just answer the question. Why? Was it because he’s engaged rogue nations who want us destroyed? Was it because he bows to Islamic princes? Or was it because he would like Hezbollah to be able to freely attack Israel by allowing them settlements on the West Bank and Gaza? Which one? While all are valid points to the Nobel Committee, my guess is the last one as they hate Jews more than they hate America.

You keep supporting the man from Illinois who was only elected for one reason. While I eagerly await his defeat in 2012, it will still be a sad four years for America. After all Jimmy Carter did irreparable damage in his only four years as president. President Teleprompter is doing everything he can to top that.

It's been over three weeks and no one has written a letter calling me out.  I knew there wasn't enough venom in my reply.  I will have to sit down and try harder.  Write a letter with some Ann Coulter (the next Mrs. Gibbs) style bomb throwing and really get the panties of the local male liberals in a bunch.


Kymical Reactions said...

gerherhahaha! Ann Coulter is the next Mrs. Gibbs?? :)

My question to Mr. Demofluff would be: Just what did BO do as a Jr. Senator to better the world to earn the right to a Nobel Peace Prize? Because I'm certain that in his first 11 days of office, right before the nominations closed, he was still campaigning, trying to sell America on the idea he could be a good leader. In fact, nearly a year later, I haven't seen him do much anything else than continue to campaign.

We, as a country, are in some serious trouble for the next 4 years. I can hardly bear to watch.

Milk River Madman said...


Ann, Laura Ingraham, (Sarah and Michelle Malkin are already takin) any hot, conservative woman and I'm kind of a puddle.