Friday, December 4, 2009

quotes from the blogosphere

Ann Coulter, on John Corzine's defeat "The good news: Next time Corzine is in a major car accident after speeding on the New Jersey Turnpike, he'll be able to see a doctor right away."

Thomas Sowell on health care "What about insurance companies denying reimbursements for treatments? Does anyone imagine that a government bureaucracy will not do that?"

Jerry Thornton on the Miami Dolphins "So the Wildcat, if not yet dead or on life support, probably wouldn’t qualify for a major operation under Obamacare."

Tyler Durden, about PETA "I have 4 dogs, and they were all adopted, but I wouldn’t give money to PETA even if they were holding my baby over a pool of lava and demanding a 1 dollar ransom. Although that’s mostly because I hate kids, and what am I, made out of money?"

Cara Ellison on "unity"  "Any feeling of solidarity with a complete stranger should be a warning sign that things are not right. The stranger in whose arms you fall because you’ve just witnessed three thousand of your countrymen perish is an emotional crutch – and valuable in the very short term. But you can not create a foreign policy designed to conjure that feeling.

Unity equals tyranny. "

Steve McCann, on the Left in America "In order to foment class warfare, the hardcore Left overtly and shamelessly exploit envy, race, and ignorance. They are always portraying government as the savior and downplay stories of actual and provable ineptitude or corruption. Instead, they exaggerate real (or even imagined) reports of capitalistic greed and dishonesty. The Left self-righteously use these anecdotes to "prove" that all enterprise must be controlled by a powerful central government." Actually, the article from which this quote was taken in so sell written, I've linked it here.

Peter Landesman on global warming "The forecasts of global warming are based on mathematical solutions for equations of weather models. But all of these solutions are inaccurate. Therefore, no valid scientific conclusions can be made concerning global warming. The false claim for the effectiveness of mathematics is an unreported scandal at least as important as the recent climate data fraud. Why is the math important? And why don't the climatologists use it correctly?"

Robin of Berkely, former lberal actiivist, on Sarah Palin "The Left's behavior towards Palin is not politics as usual. By their laser-focus on her body and her sexuality, leftists are defiling her. They are wilding her. And they do this with the full knowledge and complicity of the White House. The Left has declared war on Palin because she threatens their existence. Liberals need women dependent and scared so that women, like blacks, will vote Democrat."

Barack Obama, from Dreams of my father "I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites. I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother's race."

From "With Leather" "Why does Chicago want the Olympics anyway? If they’re that interested in seeing 14-year-old Chinese girls contort themselves, they could just head downtown. That’s your one human trafficking joke for the week. It wasn’t even that funny, and it was still funnier than Robin Williams."

Steve Czaban on Tiger Woods "I said Tiger had plenty of time to get married in his 40's. If he wanted. But there was no obligation. I knew that his fame and money would put these women in his orbit. I knew that he was a golf dork at heart. Not a playboy.

Something was bound to give. But why did it have to be this embarrassing?"

Jesper Parnevik on Tiger ""I have lost all respect for him, primarily as a man and a father. It doesn't even feel like it matters what he has done on the golf course. My respect for him as a person is gone. We have been nice to Tiger before, but now he only has himself to blame. We thought better of him, but he is not the one we thought he was."


Tanaya said...

Love me some Thomas Sowell. I defy anybody to tell me that he is not completely reasonable and so right.

Black Rednecks and White Liberals

Milk River Madman said...


If you haven't read "Vision of the Annointed" by Sowell you definately need to. It is awesome

h said...

You have to wonder why that GOOD quote from Jesper isn't used by the MSM, but the dumb one about "using a Driver instead of 3-iron" is.